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Fresh. Hand-Crafted. Modern line of Aromatherapy.

Wellness, quality, natural beauty and education is what Nuworld Botanicals is all about. We pride ourselves on producing effective products from fresh botanical ingredients.  All of our ingredients are chosen for their skin-friendly compatibility, carefully hand-crafted into highly effective formulas to give you more healthy looking skin plus an overall sense of well-being.  Made in small batches by hand to guarantee freshness!

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Our product display at Whole Foods Market Mississauga

About Essential Oils

“In addition to the antioxidant influx essential oils bring when applied to the skin, the oils also invoke good feelings of wellness and vitality through a process called “entrainment.” According to researchers in Washington using Tainio Technology the vibrational frequency of essential oils are the highest of any natural substance known to man. Through the principle of entrainment the oil’s higher frequency will raise the vibratory quality of that individual.”

-Lana Marconi, Ph.D., Wellness Expert

Nuworld Botanicals is an organic beauty and wellness company specializing in artisanal aromatherapy body, bath and skin care products. Our focus is to make people’s lives better, happier and healthier through the products we create and the ingredients we offer.  Our Aromatherapy Personals blends are a quick, easy and convenient way for people of all ages to experience the power of Aromatherapy, and our “Raw Skincare Bar” offers something for everyone…from the DIY-enthusiast to those who seek a tailor-made experience.

Our aromatherapy products have become a favourite amoung celebrities and beauty journalists alike.  We have been featured in International publications including Best Health, Elle Canada and Willow & Sage, an award-winning DIY Handmade Bath & Body Magazine. We love to gift by way of product contribution; it’s our way of giving back– from special events to wellness fairs. We have even gifted the stars at the Emmy’s in LA .

We use only the finest and purest natural and organic ingredients in our product treatments and have taken great care and time to create a business environment that is ecologically sound. We are constantly looking for new ways to provide greener, healthier products and use many ingredients that have been assessed and approved by the most respected ecological testing organizations. We also offer a Fresh Refill Program at our Raw Skincare Bar in Oakville.

We source our ingredients from some of the best organic growers and distillers in the world and we offer the highest levels of Customer Service backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Note:  All Nuworld Botanicals products are for external use only.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Your Total Beauty and Wellness Brand

Our products cover all aspects of emotional well-being from stress relief to healthy sleep. We recognize that health and wellness increasingly involves a crossover with beauty and the benefits of plant and essential oils make them extremely popular choices today as all-natural solutions for everything from improving energy to radiant skin.

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