Our Store Design Inspiration: Coastal Cottage Living

We custom-designed our interior retail space with a cool and breezy west coast cottage feel in mind.  We hope you feel as comfortable and carefree as we do when you walk in the door….Raw Butters Small Batch (2)

Interior Design Shaped by Nature

We love the imperfections of unique raw material furniture, which is why we selected Artemano as our furniture decor of choice.  No piece of raw material is without blemish. Knicks, knots and notches lend each piece its own particular character.  It’s an invitation to beauty, surprises and authenticity.

Some sustainable store design features:

The Suar trees are not cut down, only their largest limbs harvested.  The wood that is past its productive years is turned into lumbar rather than going to waste.  The trunk is left behind and still alive, and will generate new limbs over time.  And it doesn’t require too much time for that matter: Suar is fast-growing!