Clays – French Green 100g

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French Green Clay

INCI Name: Illite

Properties: French green clay comes from  the sedimentation of silico-aluminum, and its coloring the result of the oxides contained in these rocks. Its unique composition includes Iron, Silica, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. This clay quickly absorbs and removes impurities from the skin, revealing the fresh surface of the skin to provide a healthy looking glow. When the clay dries on the skin, it causes pores to tighten and the skin starts to feel firm, toned and refresh. Best suited for normal, combination or oily skin.

Use: To utilize its benefits to the skin, a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 100% is added to the formulation. It is ideal for use in body wraps, face masks, creams, soaps, shampoos, scrubs and exfoliants.

This product is intended for topical use in skincare formulations. It possess all the nutrients of the sediment and is naturally unscented.