Life these days is so hectic that it is rare for most of us to find a moment of Zen. May our Everyday Zen Diffuser Blends help take you a wonderful aromatic journey of relaxation, rejuvenation and balance.

It has never been easier to make your home a sanctuary. Diffusing Everyday Zen 100% pure essential oils into your living space creates a healthful environment and harmonious surroundings.  Let the beautiful aromas flow throughout your atmosphere, transforming your everyday routines into moments of Zen.

Here are six EVERYDAY ZEN diffusing rituals for you to try: 

Morning Zen Ritual

Wake up on the bright side of the bed with the cheerful aroma of Everyday Zen Happy Vibes diffuser oil blend. An invigorating blend of Grapefruit essential oil, Sweet Orange, and Lime essential oil to energize your spirits and rejuvenate your soul.  shutterstock_292934846-759x500

Start your day grounded in intention and filled with mindfulness. Do a bit of morning meditation with our Everyday Zen Get Your Om On diffuser oil blend. A meditative blend of Frankincense essential oil, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli essential oil.

Mid-Afternoon Zen Ritual

Increase focus, and boost creativity with our Everyday Zen Brain Boost diffuser oil blend.  A mentally stimulating blend of Bergamot essential oil, Lemon and Basil essential oil.  Ideal for diffusing in the home office.

End-of-Day Zen Ritualplace-for-yoga

For a beautifully balanced finish to your day, restore your sense of inner peace with our Everyday Zen Hot Yoga diffuser oil blend.  A stress-relieving blend of Black Pepper essential oil, Lemon and Sandalwood essential oil.  Create a quiet space or meditation room in your home, and diffuse.

Bed-time Zen Ritual

Unwind the mind and body with Everyday Zen Peace of Mind diffuser oil blend. A calming blend of Lavender essential oil, Chamomile and Rosewood essential oil to promote peace and tranquility in your busy life.

Jasminewhitelifestyle2Purify the air, clear your sinuses and strengthen immunity with Eucalyptus Steam diffuser oil blend. An anti-microbial, purifying blend of Eucalyptus essential oil, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil.

We hope you will find your moment of ZEN.

 In Health & Happiness,

-Nuworld Botanicals Team


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