Virtual Corporate Events & Private Blending Parties

Host your next Virtual Corporate Team Building Event with us and learn how to create luxurious organic skincare! This is a fun and interactive at-home experience that is sure to delight and engage your remote team.

Looking for a fresh idea to keep your team engaged while working remotely from home? Our Virtual DIY Skincare Workshops are fun, easy and interactive- perfect for remote teams!  Choose your DIY organic/vegan products, customize your raw ingredients, and let’s create together! We can teach you how to create everything from mineral salt-balm scrubs and face oils to clay masks and cleansing bars.  Email us for pricing:

Here’s why you should consider Nuworld Botanicals for your next virtual corporate event:

  • All Recipes are our own: tested, proven and effective!
  • Products suitable for both men and women
  • No specialized equipment needed at home- just basic kitchen tools
  • All packaging and pre-portioned raw ingredients get shipped straight to you door
  • 1 hour live class hosted by our team of experts from our Downtown Oakville shop
  • Includes 30% off coupon to shop our products before the class.
  • Skill level options: create from scratch or partially done
  • All ingredients are raw, organic with vegan options and allergy considerations (nuts, shea etc)
  • Customizable to suit your skin type, skin concern and scent preference
  • It’s an interactive experience
  • It’s an education learning experience (let us teach you about the beauty and benefits of raw ingredients for you health, wellness and skin)
  • Check out Natalie’s Published DIY Raw Skincare Recipe Book on, for more recipes to create at home

How it works:

  1. Select your menu items ( 2 items per 1 hour class)
  2. Complete your custom ingredients forms
  3. DIY Kits will get shipped straight to your door in advance of the e-workshop
  4. Log into the Live Class, do the unboxing, and create beautiful with us.


 Here are just some of the recipes we think you might like to create with us:

Mix n’ Create

(All of these recipes can be made with just a bowl and spoons!)

Melt n’ Pour

Let’s turn up the heat! All of these recipes are made on the stove or in a rice cooker.

Required Kitchen Tools: Double Boiler, Pyrex, Whisks

DIY Custom Face Oil DIY Deodorant Kit
DIY Custom Clay Mask DIY Mango eye balm
DIY Custom Face oil  DIY Scalp Detox
DIY Illuminating Face Oil DIY Creamy Exfoliator (double boiler not necessary)
DIY Lip Luminizer/Gloss or Lip Mask DIY Vegan Lip Balm
DIY Scalp and Hair oil DIY Healing Balm
DIY Massage or Body oil DIY Carrot Melting Cleansing
DIY Loofah Shower oil DIY Shampoo Bar
DIY Wellness Roll-on (for stress, medication, sleep) DIY Murumuru Hair Butter
DIY Salt Body/Scalp scrub  DIY Mud Bar
DIY Salt-Balm Body scrub DIY Shea Cleansing Shower Bar
DIY Lip Scrub DIY Whipped Body Cream
DIY Mineral Bath Soak DIY Waterless Balm (for face & lips)
DIY Half Moon Bath Bomb DIY Murumuru Hair Conditioner Bar
DIY Shower Melts DIY Lotion Bar
DIY Fruit (Powder) Exfoliator
DIY Superfood Face Cream (using our ready made base)
DIY Superfood Body Cream (using our ready made base)
DIY Bronzing Mineral Powder
DIY Mineral Bath Fizz

Host a Private Blending Party with us: Online or in-store!

Looking for a fun, creative and interactive way to celebrate a birthday, bridal shower, bachelorette, team-building or girls-night-out? Come mix it up with us at Nuworld Botanicals Oakville! Perfect for all ages, 10 and up.









Hosting a Blending Party is simple..

Mixology experience not required.  Parties last about 1 hour.  We supply all raw ingredients and packaging.  You are welcome to bring light beverages and snacks.  Perfect for ages 10+.

1. Choose a DIY party package, or create a custom package.

2.  Bring 6-16 guests with you (min 6 people is required).

3. Get ready to mix it up!

Party Perks: The host (or guest of honour) receives a complimentary gift.  All guests enjoy 30% off Nuworld Botanicals products in-store during the party.

Private Blending Bar Parties are held right inside our Oakville store Tuesday-Saturday. Please call ahead to check availability. 905.338.3259.

Party Policy: A full payment is required at least one week in advance to secure your party date and time.  If you need to reschedule or cancel your party,  we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled party. This gives us the opportunity to fill the time slot, and you will get a full refund. Otherwise, it will be 75% refundable. Late policy: 6 pm is our last party time slot unless pre-arranged with our team. Parties run one hour unless otherwise arranged with our team. Please be respectful of your time slot, and of other parties. There will be a $30 late fee for parties arriving 1/2 hour past their booked time.


Blending Party Menu Packages:


Join us for some mineral salt magic! At this blending party, you’ll create your own 100% natural body salt-balm scrub, mineral body cleansing bar, exfoliating lip balm and mineral bath soak. Choose from a wide array of enticing aromas and organic essential oils from our EO bar like Rosewood, Lime, Vanilla, Peppermint and Lemon and mix it up with a selection of cold-pressed carrier oils like Grapeseed, Argan, Raspberry and Safflower.  Our salt bar offers pure therapeutic-grade salts like fine Dead Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan, rich in over 80 trace minerals and elements including Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and Calcium to replenish sore muscles and joints, hydrate the skin and exfoliate naturally.  This Blending Bar Party is $75 per person (includes 1 x 250g mineral body scrub and 2 x 30g apricot foot scrub bar, 1 x 30g lip balm scrub, 1 x 250g mineral soak). Time: 1 hr. Min 6 guests.



Harness the beauty ritual of pure botanical plant oils.  At this blending bar party you’ll hand blend a 100% pure face oil, 100% pure body, whipped face cream and a natural perfume roll-on. All items will be perfectly tailored to your skin’s needs and scent preference using 100% pure essential oils and cold-pressed carrier oils.  Choose from oils like Argan, Jojoba, Rosehip, Borage, Pomegranate, Aloe and Carrot seed oil, extracts like rosehip, matcha, seabuckthorn, charcoal and organic essential oils like Lavender and Frankincense to address any skin concerns like eczema, redness, acne or fine lines.   This Blending Bar Party is $75 per person (includes 1 x 30 ml face oil and 1 x 60ml body oil, 1x10ml roll-on, 1x30g everything balm for face/lips/body) . Time: 1 hr. Min 6 guests.



A traditional healer and beautifying ally, clays and raw minerals are a natural gift from the earth – deeply drawing, detoxifying, exfoliating, absorptive, balancing and re-mineralizing. At this workshop you will explore our famous Clay Mask Bar.  You will custom-craft a botanical spa-grade clay mask perfectly tailored to your unique skin type and concerns.  You’ll choose from a wide array of sun-dried mineral clays and raw botanical extracts like strawberry, rosehips, charcoal, green tea and banana.  You will melt and pour a loofah mud cleansing bar to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin using clays, mud, exfoliants, butters and oils.  Complete your beauty ritual with a daily face polish made from fruit extracts and a soothing mineral bath fizz.   This Blending Party is $75 per person (includes 1 x 60g mask jar, 1 x 70g solid mud bar, 1 x 120g mineral bath fizz, 1 x 30g fruit exfoliator). Time: 1  hr.  Min 6 guests.



Butter up everyone! Treat dry and thirsty skin to our rich luxurious raw butters like carrot, tamanu, murumuru, cupuacu, shea, cocoa, mango and babassu.  At this blending party, you will create a custom body butter, tamanu healing balm (good for eczema, wounds, acne, stings, bites), face cream and melting balm ( eye butter or cleansing butter).  You’ll choose from a wide array of organic oils like Raspberry Seed, Olive oil, Argan oil, Marula oil, Macadamia oil, Carrot Oil and Pomegranate Oil, raw butters and organic essential oils.  This Blending Bar Party is $75 per person (includes 1 x 120g vegan body cream,  1x 120g Hand and foot Borage butter, 1 x 30g everything balm and 1 x 30g carrot melting cleansing balm Time: 1 hr. Min 6 guests.



At this Blending Bar party you will create a 5-piece personalized spa-inspired skincare regimen for healthy, beautiful skin.  You will customize the following 5 all-natural skincare products: an organic facial cleanser (oil (60ml) or melting balm (30g), mineral clay mask (60g), natural toner (60ml); 100% pure facial oil (30ml) and an eye cream (30g) .  You will hand-pick raw organic ingredients right from our Aromatherapy & Raw Skincare Bar, tailored to your skin’s needs and concerns.  We offer a full range of cold-pressed organic beauty oils including Rosehip, Carrot, Argan, Borage, Raspberry Seed, Black Current, Evening Primrose and Chia Seed; over 10 types of Mineral Clays including Rhassoul and Australian Pink Clay; 30+ botanical extracts including Ginseng Root, Gingko Biloba, White Willow Bark, Rosehips and Licorice Root; 15 freshly whipped balms like Aloe and Avocado and 30+ organic essential oils for custom-blending.  This Blending Bar Party is $85 per person. Time: 1.5 hrs.  


At this Blending Bar party you will create a 4-piece personalized haircare regimen for stronger, healthier hair and scalp.  You will customize the following 4 all-natural haircare products: Murumuru hair butter treatment (30g), scalp detox bar (2 x 30g),  nourishing hair mask (120g), plus a shampoo or conditioner bar ( 2 x 30g). You will hand-pick raw organic ingredients right from our Aromatherapy & Raw Skincare Bar, tailored to your skin’s needs and concerns.  We offer a full range of cold-pressed organic beauty oils including raw butters and cold-pressed plant oils and 30+ organic essential oils for custom-blending.  This Blending Bar Party is $75 per person. Time: 1 hrs.  


Warm up your glow with this summer line-up for face and body! You’ll be working with light reflecting pigments from bronze to lavender blue to turquoise green, to create products with a natural shimmering effect and luminous finish. Products will look vivid yet apply sheer, giving face, body and lips a hint of shimmer that all skin tones will love– plus a mega-dose of skin-nourishing vitamins and antioxidants!  You will customize the following 5 products:  Mineral Bronzing Setting Powder (30g), 1 Highlighting face oil (30ml), 1 x Lip Lumizier (10ml), Shimmer Vegan Body Cream (120g). This Blending Bar Party is $85 per person. Time: 1 hrs.  

” Tween and Teen Party”:  Ages 7-17 years old

Packages start at $60 pp for 4 products. Let us help you customize your party!

Body Scrub ⋅ Body Butter ⋅ Face Mask ⋅ Cleansing Facial Bar  ⋅ Cleansing Shower Bar ⋅  Bath Salts ⋅ Everything Balm  ⋅ Face Mask ⋅  Face Toner ⋅ Lip Balm · Body Mist · Shampoo Bar · Bath Bomb  · Bath Fizz ⋅ Lip Balm, Lip Scrub,  Bath Melts

Send us your wish list and let us customize a skincare package for you.  Min 6 guests required.


























A La Carte Items -100% pure, raw and organic (vegan options) 


DIY Face Oil (30ml) $34
DIY Face Roll-on (9.6ml) $18
DIY Cleansing Oil (60ml) $25
DIY Face Mask (30g) $25
DIY Face Toner  Mist (60ml)

DIY Face Toner  Pour (60ml)



DIY Face Cleansing Mineral Bars $35
DIY Face Carrot Melting Cleansing Balm (60g)





DIY Vegan Face Cream (30g)




DIY Mango Eye-Balm $25
DIY Fruit Exfoliator $ 25
DIY Lip Balm Kit (includes 3 hydrating + 1 exfoliating $25
DIY Turmeric-Tamanu Spot Treatment (15g) $25
DIY Creamy Apricot Mango Face Exfoliator 30g $30
DIY Body Scrub (250g) $30
DIY Body Scrub Bar $16
DIY Body Oil (50ml) $45
DIY Massage Oil (50ml) $45
DIY Body Butter (120g) $20
DIY Balm (30g)


Except: Blue Chamomile and Coffee

$ 16

$ 28


DIY Body Cleansing       Mineral Bars x 2

-Matcha, Chocolate,              Detox, Soothing, Mud Bar

DIY Deodorant (15g) $25
DIY Natural Body Perfume Roll on (9.6ml) $18
DIY Mineral Bath Soak (250g) $20
DIY Body Mist $25
DIY Bath Bomb Kit (2 bath bomb) $40
DIY Solid Lotion Bar 2×30 g $15
DIY Hair & Scalp Hot Oil (30ml) $34
DIY Hair Conditioning Mask (120g) $25
DIY Hair Whipped Butter (30g) $35
DIY Hair Beach-Salt Mist (60ml) $25
DIY Hair Leave-in/Detangle Mist (60ml) $25
DIY Hair Shampoo Bar- Large x 2 $35
DIY Hair Shampoo Mini Bars $10 ea
DIY Conditioner Mini Bars $10 ea
DIY Butter Blush (10g) $22 ea
DIY Lip Luminizer (10ml) $30 ea
DIY Shimmer Vegan Body Cream $ 30 ea
4 PC-Custom Eyeshadow Palatte $45 ea
DIY Shimmering Body Mist $25 ea
DIY Shimmering Lotion Bar $15 ea

Thank you for coming…Party Favours!

Our Aromatherapy Roll-ons make a great thank you gift for your guests. Available in 12 blends. $10 per roll-on for min 6 guests.

Anxiety Relief Stress Relief
Energy Boost Sweet Dreams
Meditation Mental Clarity
Sports Therapy Jet Lag Relief
Sinus Headache Relief Immune Boost





Check out some of the highlights from some of our Blending Bar Parties, Masterclass and Student Workshops

Nuworld Botanicals: Kids DIY Birthday Blending Parties

Host your child's next birthday party at our flagship Oakville store and enjoy a memorable experience in DIY natural skincare making. Make 100% natural and chemical-free bath bombs, soaps, lip balms and more. Ages 7+.

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Nuworld Botanicals: Team Building Blending Party

So much fun mixing up fresh skincare with Susan and her awesome team from Must Boutique in Downtown Oakville! These ladies got right to it — blending fresh-batch organic body scrubs (bamboo charcoal, cocoa and rose essential oil all popular ingredient choices), diy mineral cleansing bars (like our green matcha & honey and blue tansy & aloe), vegan body creams (some with a natural self-tanner ingredient and the power of vitamin c) and diy lip balms with mango and Shea. Thank you so much for choosing Nuworld Botanicals for your team building event, enjoy your handcrafted organic skincare 🙂

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Bachelorette Blending Party at Nuworld Botanicals

We had a blast mixing it up at the bar for Christina's Bachelorette Blending Party last night! On the DIY Menu: SPF Lip Balms, Facial Cleansers (bars and melting balms), Natural Toners, Pure Facial Oils, Clay Masks and Eye Creams. Many thanks to all of these beautiful ladies for coming out and congrats Christina! #bridetobe #bacheloretteparty #nuworldbotanicals

Posted by Nuworld Botanicals on Sunday, July 29, 2018

All of our ingredients are 100% natural, cold-pressed, raw, organic, botanical, vegan and unrefined. 

Our ingredients and products are suitable for sensitive skin.  We look forward to blending with you and your friends!

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