Create your own Superfood Skincare, Cosmetics + Candles

​​Choose how you want to create with us: Private Party or A La Carte service.

Private Parties: Groups of 5 to 14  max.  Ages 7-plus.


A La Carte: Perfect for 4 people or less. All ages welcome.  See our A La Carte menu.

PRIVATE PARTIES (For groups with 5 to 14 guests)

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, team building or just want to have fun with your family and friends, our private parties are an “unforgettable experience” in a “magical little place”.  Private parties are for groups of 5 min to 14 max guests. Our parties start at age 7 to adult. Make and take four fresh products.  The party product menu is set by the host, and all guests will make the same four products.  Plenty of sweet party perks.

Party Times: Our party time slots are 11 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 4 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.  Some Sundays are now available for party bookings with a minimum of 10 guests.  Some weeknights may be open for private parties from 5 pm-7 pm call to inquire.  Reservations: 905.338.3259.

Estimated Party Length
Please allow 2 hours max for your party.  Breakdown: Roughly 1.5 hours for product making up front, followed by approximately 30 mins for cake and snacks, Instax photos in our telephone booth and prize draw.

How it works:

    1. Select a Party Package and choose four (4) DIY products (all guests in your party will make the same 4 products that you select)
    2. Invite 5 to 14 guests max (including the birthday girl, fourteen is our max capacity)
    3. Get ready to create, bake and celebrate!

Our Sweet Party Perks include

  1. Personalized Birthday e-Invite (jpeg) to email your guests
  2. Paper party bag for each guest to pack the finished four DIY products
  3. Complimentary thank-you gift for the birthday girl and the party host (ie. mom)
  4. Memorable Fuji Film Instax wallet size photo (in our  floral vintage phone booth)
  5. Product prize draw (one lucky winner)
  6. Table provided for your cake/light nibbles/drinks (no hot food permitted ie. no pizza)
  7. Small complimentary gift for all guests
  8. After party shopping: Party guests can enjoy 10% off our medium-sized or large-sized nylon makeup bags (patches not included in this promo offer)

Party Favours (additional fees apply): Looking for party favours for your guests? We got you. From skincare tools to personalized makeup bags our favours are a sweet party deal.  Enjoy savings up to 50% off.  Must purchase a minimum  five of any one item. Most Popular Favour: Personalized Small Makeup bags with Patches.  Let your guests choose their favourite bag colour and favourite letter patch or shape.  Call to pre-order and youre guests will enjoy personalizing their bag after product making. The small bag is big enough to hold a lip gloss, lip balm, powder blush and eyeshadow, for example.  The medium bag can hold a skin mist, body scrub, body butter, soap stick, for example.

Our personalized Makeup Bags are fun to DIY and perfect for keeping your DIY products

Our letter patches come in soft Chenille and pretty Pearl. We also carry 3M shapes like butterflies, flowers, smiley face, hearts, rainbows and more. Handpick your faves.

​​​PARTY FAVOURS: (Call for pricing. Call at least 2 days prior to party date to place your order)


Private Party Packages and Pricing:


DIY “Kids + Tweens” Package $55 pp (participants ages 7 to 12 yrs)
Choose your favourite four products to make.  Some restrictions apply and some products have an additional fee.  Call to set your DIY menu.  All party makers must be ages 7-12 to enjoy this very special kid’s party pricing. Popular products include: Donut Soap w/Icing and Sprinkles, Baked Bath Bombs, Lip Gloss, Tinted Lip Balm,  Eyeshadow, Face Mask, Strawberry Lip Scrub, Powder Cheek Blush.  Extra charge for some products including:  Bubble Candles add $10 pp, 2-in-1 Nail Art Polish add $5 pp, Body Cream/Body Butter add $5 pp. , Cat Skin Mist add $5 pp, Teddy Bear Skin Mist add $5 pp.

GRWM 5-pc DIY Skincare Set  (mix and match bottles and jars to create a personalized collection)

NEW! DIY “Kids + Tweens” GRWM (Get Ready with me) Skincare Set, $65 pp (participants ages 7 to 12 yrs) 
Our new Get Ready with Me skincare set is designed to kick-start a tweens  all-natural skincare regimen.  Ingredients are organic, vegan, suitable for young, delicate skin. Includes an introduction on this skincare regimen, when and how to use each product.  This package is valued at $160+, and includes 5 DIY skincare products, gentle enough for young and/or sensitive skin:

  1. Soy-Protein Gentle Face Wash
  2. Aloe Juice Hydrating Skin Mist
  3. Vitamin Face Oil or Buttercream Soft Face Moisturizer
  4. Aloe + Cucumber Eye Gel  or Aloe Water-Gel Superfood Mask
  5. Round Lip Balm (tinted or classic) or Flavour Lip Oil

Here are just some possible cute packaging and colour combinations you can make with this package:

GRWM Purple Skincare Set

GRWM Baby Pink Skincare Set

GRWM Baby Blue Skincare Set

GRWM Black/White Skincare Set

GRWM Yellow Skincare Set

GRWM Green Skincare Set

DIY “Teen Makers” Package $60 pp (ages 13 to 16 yrs)
Make four products.  Some restrictions apply/some products have an additional fee.  Call to set your DIY menu.  Popular teen items include: HA Water Serum, Pink Body Butter (extra), Bubble Candle, Soft Eye Cream, Buttercream, Cream Blush, Cake Bars, Vegan Milk Cleanser,  Lip Oil, Face Mask, Lip Mask, Body Scrub, Exfoliating face stick. Extra charge for some products including:  Bubble Candles add $10 pp, 2-in-1 Nail Art Polish add $5 pp, Body Cream/Body Butter add $5 pp., Cat Skin Mist add $5 pp, Teddy Bear Skin Mist add $5 pp.

DIY Adult Packages  – starting at $70 pp 

If you have twenty or more guests please visit our on-site corporate or school workshops  here.

Goulart Lawyers Holiday Team Building

Jasmine’s Team Building

DIY Glow-up Skincare Adult Package $70 pp

Make and take 4 organic products: Vitamin Face Oil, Superfood Face mask, Buttercream Face Cream,  Hyaluronic Acid Soft Eye Cream or Coconut Milk Cleanser.

DIY Body & Bath Adult Package $70 pp
Make and take 4 organic products: Mineral Salt-Balm Body Scrub, Body Cream or Body Butter, Body Oil, Skin Mist.

DIY Cosmetics Adult Package $70 pp
Make and take 4 organic products: Lip Gloss, Highlighter Dewy Drops, Cream Cheek Blush, Tinted Lip Balm

DIY  Haircare Adult Package $70 pp
Make and take 4 organic products: Rosemary Hair Mask, Vegan Keratin + HA Hair Serum, Protein Scalp Scrub, Scalp oil.

DIY Aromatherapy Bubble Candle + Skincare Package $75 pp
Make and take 1 aromatherapy bubble cube candle plus 3 products of your choice. Some restrictions apply. Call to set the menu.

Wine and Champagne at Adult Parties (additional fee): Wine, champagne or any alcoholic beverages requires a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) Liquor Licence. We’re happy to obtain this online permit for you. The cost is $150 and this must be paid three days prior to your event.  This is non-refundable and non-transferrable to another party time slot.


Private Party Payment Policy: We require a $200 deposit to reserve your date and time. Deposits are non-refundable. Parties are booked on a first come, first served bases. We cannot guarantee the time slot will be available if the deposit is not made. The balance is due on your party date, after the party.  Five guests is the minimum for parties on Tuesday to Saturday.  You will be charged in full for a minimum of 5 guests.  Sundays are a minimum of 10 guests; you will be charged in full for a minimum of 10 guests on Sundays. Any party date changes require three weeks advance notice or a rescheduling fee applies ($25).  One invoice will be issued for the party group. Gratuity is not included. Tipping is optional and greatly appreciated. Your Skincare Chefs are Maria, Pia and Fretzie.

Late arrivals: Parties start promptly so please arrive on time. Product making starts first, and late arriving guests will simply need to pick up where the group is at.  There will be a $50 late fee for party groups arriving 1/2 hour past their booked time. Kindly be respectful of your party times so all incoming parties can enjoy their full experience too. Party hosts may arrive 10-15 early to set-up their table.

Age Restrictions: All private party guest attendees must be over the age of 7 yearsYounger makers (under age 7) are welcome to create with a parent from our A La Carte menu, on a separate day.  Reservations are required.  

Product Selection:  You will select four products for the group to make. Everyone makes the same four products. We require the product list in an email, at least one week prior to your party date.  As we pre-portion all product ingredients fresh please submit your party DIY menu on time.

Your Skincare Chefs: Fretzie, Pia and Maria

Additional Guests Policy:  For kids parties, only two adults maximum in-store.  Our store is small and our chefs and party guests need access to every counter for product making.  So what can parents do? Drop and go; car pool; browse around downtown Oakville’s local shops; enjoy a local cafe or restaurant all within walking distance.  All guests are certainly welcome back for cake cutting (the last half hour).

Cake Table + Snacks Policy (very important, must read!): You are welcome to bring a birthday cake, candles, balloons, light snacks or nibbles and drinks (juice boxes, water) into our store which can be enjoyed after the DIY product making session.  A table will be set up for you. You will have roughly 20-25 minutes for cake cutting and snacks (depending on the flow of your party). NO HOT FOOD PERMITTED. No pizza, no McDonalds, no hot or warm meals/sandwiches of any kind.  Please keep in mind we are an Aromatherapy experience store with an Acupuncture Clinic inside. Examples of appropriate snacks/nibbles could include: fruit and veggie tray, cheese and crackers, popcorn and chips, cold pasta salads, cold cut sandwiches, Party Candy Boards, Dessert Boards, Snack Charcuterie Boards.  Kindly submit your snack list for approval Also, don’t forget to bring candles (fountain candles and candle sparkles are not allowed), knife for cutting, plastic cutlery (spoons, forks), paper plates, napkins and cups; water bottles. We do not supply any of these items. You can also check out Downtown Oakville for lunch or dining out afterwards– we have some amazing restaurants, cafes and ice-cream shops to experience. Piano Piano is located right beside us!

Some ideas for your Cake + Snack Table:

Social Media (Private Parties and A La Carte):    We use our social media platforms to showcase our DIY work, and yours too!  Here’s how we’ll obtain your permission to be featured on our platforms (IG, Facebook, Tik Tok):

  1. A La Carte Guests: Parents who create A La Carte with their kids are in-store with us and are asked directly for permission to take product making photos/videos and to post on social media.
  2. Private Party (Adults + Kids):  Parents who join a party with their kids are in-store with us and are asked directly for permission to take product making photos/ videos and to post on social media.
  3. Private Party (drop off):  The party host should seek permission from parents who drop and go. Kindly inform us prior to the party.


Planning your party menu? We have a lot of products to choose from! Here are our top tips for building an awesome party menu for your group.

  1. Custom-Scented: Some of our products come naturally unscented (ie. face mask) and some products are custom-scented with essential oils and flavour drops. They smell so good! For a complete sensory experience we recommend including at least one “Custom Scented” product in your party menu.
  2. Satisfying to Make:  Some products are just so satisfying to make because of the mixing method (like our bath bombs and body scrubs, lip gloss and body butter). Look for  “Satisfying” to make.
  3. Most Popular: Some products have grown to become top party picks (lip gloss, bubble candle, donut soap, round lip balm, flavoured lip oil). Look for ‘Most Popular”.
  4. Product Newbies:  We’re constantly growing our DIY menu!  New for 2024: Plant-based Nail Polish,  Perfume Oil Rollerball, Highlighter Dewy Drops, Highlighter Body Butter and Soft Brightening Eye Cream.  Be one of the first to experience them!


A LA CARTE DIY  (4 people or less; all ages welcome!)

If you have a group of four people or less, you can make a reservation to create from our A La Carte menu.  Our menu is extensive, with over fifty products to make and take. A La Carte is perfect for all ages. Each guest can decide what they’d like to make upon arrival. It is pay per item.  Prices start at $20 for a classic lip gloss and donut soap. Call to make a reservation and/or to ask for specific product pricing.  Your A La Carte service is roughly 40-45 minutes.  Many products can be made within 15 minutes (ie. Lip Gloss, Bath Bombs, Eyeshadow, Nail Polish, Face Mask, Cream Blush, Perfume), and some products take a bit longer (one hour) as they require melting and refrigeration to set (ie. Bubble Candles, Lip Balms).  You can always check out downtown Oakville, and come back to pick up these products.

Booking an A La Carte Reservation:

1. Reservations are required. Please call 905.338.3259 and let us know your preferred day, time and the number of guests in your group.
2. Browse our DIY products below; you can decide once you arrive and check it all out!
3. We’ll have your table reserved and ready to mix (please note there may be other guests seated at the worktable too creating A La Carte; this is not a private party).

No deposit is required for A La Carte, only a reservation. Kindly do let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation.

Benefits and Perks of A la Carte:

  • All ages welcome (we’ve had guests as young as 3 years old!)
  • Great for smaller groups; mom + daughter, couples, individuals (1 to 4 people max)
  • Everyone can make different products
  • Some products are exclusive to A La Carte (ie. Lollipop, Mini Soaps)
  • Pay Per Item (prices start at $20 for Classic Lip Gloss and Donut Soap)
  • You get about 45 minutes to create (this is enough time to make 3-4 products)
  • Perk: Get 10% off any medium or large-sized nylon makeup bag when you create A La Carte
  • If it’s your birthday, let us know because we have a small gift for you!
  • Don’t forget to snap some selfies and product pics in our floral telephone booth

Make your table reservation for A La Carte Skincare today: 905.338.3259.  You can see all of our  A La Carte menu here and then decide upon arrival.





Tinted Lip Oil  [Clear tube with plush brush)

Diamond Lip Gloss (any gloss tube) [Newbie]

Cream Blush (sleek clear gloss tube)[Satisfying. Most Popular}

Cheek Blush-Balm (Compact w/Mirror)

Superfood Powder Cheek Blush (pink compact with powder puff) [Popular]

Tinted Round Lip Balm (various colour containers) [Custom-scented. Most Popular]

Tinted Round Lip Balm (Rose-gold) [Custom-scented. Most Popular.]

Vegan Lip Gloss (Ombre square). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (candy-shape). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (clear popsicle) Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (clear popsicle). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (soda pop). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (milk jar). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (gelato cone). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (ice cream cone).Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (ring pop). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Vegan Lip Gloss (drink cup). Classic or Flavoured. [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Pressed Eyeshadow (clear square modern palette)  [Satisfying. Popular]

Pressed Eyeshadow (clear magnetic palette)  [Satisfying. Popular]

Pressed Eyeshadow (heart palette)  [Super Satisfying. Popular]

Pressed Eyeshadow (Roses)  [Satisfying. Popular]



Classic Vegan Nail Polish (or Chrome)  [Satisfying. Newbie]

Highlighter Dewy Drops (Clear glass dropper) [Custom-scented. Newbie]

2-in-1 Nail Polish Art -Plant-based. (1 part glitter, 1 part polish)[Satisfying. Newbie] Add $5 pp for a party

Tinted Lip Balm in a Pot (white or pink). [Popular]

Liquid Shimmer Eyeshadow  [Satisfying. Newbie]

Fairy Dust Nail Polish- [Satisfying. Newbie] A La Carte only




Coconut Milk Cleanser (vegan)- Travel Airless Pump   [Custom-scented]

Soy Protein Gentle Face Wash – Travel Airless Pump [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Exfoliating Butter Scrub Stick (twist-up tube)  [Custom-scented.]

Buttercream Soft Moisturizer (Baby Chick, Owl, Fruits or Minimalist Jar)

Buttercream Soft Face Scrub (Owl pink or orange, other jars) [Custom-scented]

Aloe Water Gel Superfood Mask – (Fruits Jar) [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Aloe + Cucumber Water-Gel Moisturizer with HA

Aloe + Cucumber Eye Gel w/Hyaluronic Acid (mini airless pump) [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Superfood Powder Mask (Panda jar and other jars)

Aloe Water-Gel Superfood Mask {Panda and other jars] [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Soft Brightening Eye Cream w/HA (pink matte squeeze tube)   [Satisfying, Custom-scented]

Hyaluronic Acid Water Serum (glass bottle w/dropper). [Custom-scented. Popular]

Vitamin Face Oil (glass bottle w/dropper various colours)

Coconut Milk Cleanser (50 ml)- Pink Airless Pump [Custom-scented], A La Carte only



Flavour Lip Oil Rollerball (square rollerball) [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Classic Lip Oil (pink or white plush brush} [Custom-scented. Most Popular]

Round Lip Balm (vegan)- various colours [Custom-scented. Most Popular]

Lip Balm Pot (minimalist) [Custom-scented. Most Popular]

Lip Butter Sleep Mask (cute lips jar) [Custom-scented}

Chocolate-Vanilla Lip Scrub w/Stir Stick. [Custom-scented. Satisfying.]

Strawberry Lip Scrub w/Stir Stick. [Custom-scented. Satisfying.]

Lollipop (2-in-1 Lip Balm and Lip oil) – A La Carte only

Cartoon Vegan Lip Balm (makes 2)- A La Carte only.


Brightening Body Cream -Peach or Pink (pink frosted jar) [Satisfying. Custom-scented. Newbie] Add $5 pp for a party

Borage Vitamin C Body Butter (white jar)   [Custom-scented.  Satisfying.] Add $5 pp to party menu

Baked Bath Bombs-(pink) makes 2). [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular.]

Salt-Balm Body Scrub 100g  (white minimalist jar] [Experiential, Super satisfying, Custom-scented]

Body Scrub in re-useable Ice cream Pint 200g    [Super satisfying. Custom-scented], A La Carte only

Sunflower Gentle Body Wash (vegan)- Pink airless pump bottle [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Vitamin C Body Oil 50 ml (pink airless pump)





Donut Shea Soap Bar (with icing + sprinkles) [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Waffle Shea Soap- with Icing and Sprinkles [Custom-scented. Satisfying Newbie]

Cake Shea Soap Bar (with icing + sprinkles) [Custom-scented. Satisfying. Most Popular]

Soap Stick (twist tube, pink or clear tube) [Custom-scented)

Hello Kitty Mini Soaps- makes 8, includes bag [Satisfying. Custom-scented]

Pineapple Mini Soaps (makes 8)- A La Carte only

Ice cream + Popsicles Mini Soap (makes 8)- A La Carte only

Unicorn Mini Soaps (makes 6) A La Carte only

Teddy Bear Mini Soaps (makes 8)- A La Carte only

Exfoliating Hand Heart Soap [makes 8] – A la Carte only

Panda Soap – makes 2 (includes bag + Panda pen). Available for parties



Mineral Salt Scalp Detox (minimalist jar) [Super satisfying. Experiential, Custom-scented}

Creamy Hair Mask (minimalist jar) [Highly experiential. Custom-scented]

Vegan Keratin Hair Gloss Serum (ombre glass dropper bottle) [Custom-scented]- a la carte only

Rosemary Hair Growth Serum (glass bottle w/dropper) [Custom-scented]

Rosemary Water Hair Boost Mist (200 ml continuous spray bottle) [Newbie]-  a la carte only

Various Ombre bottles for haircare serums


Perfume Oil Rollerball- w/Flavour Drops  (pretty floral print roll-on with tassel) [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Perfume Oil Rollerball- w/Essential Oils (pretty floral print roll-on with tassel) [Custom-scented. Newbie]

Skin Mist 50ml  [square clear mist, colours) – A La Carte only

Skin Mist (pretty ombre colours) [Custom-scented. Most Popular.}

Skin Mist {Kokeshi Doll} [Custom-scented. Most Popular]

Travel Body Spray 50 ml [Airless pump} [custom-scented] A La Carte only

Aromatherapy Roll-on (Ombre-coloured glass vial with rollerball). [Custom-scented]

Aromatherapy Roll-on (slender ombre bottle with metal rollerball). [Custom-scented]

Skin Mist (spring collection) [Custom-scented. Newbie]


Teddy Bear Skin Mist – [Custom-scented. Newbie] add $5 pp for a party


Skin Mist [Cube bottle minimalist]. [Custom-scented]

Pink Cat Body Spray 50ml [Custom-scented. Newbie]. Add $5 pp for a party



​​​​​​​​​​​​​DIY CANDLES  ​​​​​

Bubble Candle [Custom-scented.  Satisfying.   Most Popular.] Add $10 pp for a party

Bubble Candles include gift box, gift tag and tissue

Hearts Bubble Candle- A La Carte only

Ombre Hearts Bubble Candle (three colour layers)- A La Carte only

Wood-Wick Candle: Metallic w/lid.  A La Carte only

Wood-Wick Candle: Concrete Minimalist – A La Carte Only

Wood-Wick Candle: Glass w/bamboo lid. A La Carte Only



​On the right-hand side you’ll find our Melt and Pour products.  On the left, our mix and bake products.

For private parties, you can select up to two “Melt and Pour” products max, from different product categories.

Items below can be made in under 20 minutes.


Items below require melting and set times vary (30-minutes plus).  Select up to two melt and pour items only for a private party.


DIY Bath:

Baked Bath Bombs (makes 2)- Top Party Pick! Rich in 84 minerals from the Dead Sea and superfood powders; helps relieve dry and itchy skin and scalp (eczema), soothes sore muscles. Super fun to mix with your hands.  Press two designs and bake it in our Air Fryer.  How to use: Drop one bath bomb into warm bath water and enjoy the aromatic experience.  Can also be used as a shower steamer (place on shower floor and enjoy the aromatherapy experience)




Raw Soap Bars:

Donut Soap Bar – Create and decorate our Cake-shape Shea soap bar.  Add your favourite essential oil or flavour drops. Decorate with icing and skin-friendly jojoba beads for mild exfoliation on one side and creamy hydration on the other.   Most Popular.

Cake Soap Bar –  Create and decorate our Cake-shape Shea soap bar.  Add your favourite essential oil or flavour drops. Decorate with icing and skin-friendly jojoba beads for mild exfoliation on one side and creamy hydration on the other.   

Waffle Soap-Create and decorate our waffle-shape Shea soap bar.  Add your favourite essential oil or flavour drops. Decorate with icing and skin-friendly jojoba beads for mild exfoliation on one side and creamy hydration on the other.   New!

Twist-up Soap Stick-   Travel-friendly vegan soap stick made with buttery soft olive oil and vitamin E rich Shea butter.  Glides on creamy; removes dirt, makeup, excess oil.  Fits in your bag, perfect for on-the-go!  How to use: Apply directly to dry skin and add water to emulsify.  Hands feel soft and clean, never sticky. Wipe the surface of the stick clean as needed.

Hello Kitty Mini Soaps (makes 8)- Mix and melt our Shea vegan soap, set in the fridge for 30 minutes and then decorate with our Hello Kitty theme coloured icing.  Cute for hand soaps. This product is for A La Carte guests only.  

Exfoliating Scrub Stick – Brightens, softens and smooths the skin. Perfect for targeting dry flaky areas on the face or body.  Made with buttery soft olive oil and vitamin E rich Shea butter and raw exfoliants.  Choose your scrub level– jojoba beads, apricot shells or loofah.  Fits in your bag, perfect for on-the-go!  How to use:  Apply to entire face or locally to the T-zone. Use small circular movements.  Add water to emulsify.

Panda Shea SoapCreate and decorate two cute shea-butter Panda soaps at your next party. Pick your Panda colours, flavour drops and coconut icing.  Wrap it in our cute Panda bags.

Fun Mini SoapsPineapples, Icecreams, Unicorns, Teddy Bears. Create our fun mini soaps A La Carte. Design your own colour, flavour and decorate with icing and jojoba bead sprinkles

Exfoliating Hearts Shea Soap- Create mini hearts soaps with hydrating olive butter and jojoba bead sprinkles for gentle exfoliation. Design your own colour, flavour, drizzle with coconut icing. A La Carte only.


DIY Lip Care:

Classic Lip Oil- Create a targeted nourishing blend of cold-pressed organic superfood plant oils that soften, brighten, smoothen and deeply hydrate lips. Lots of carrier oils to choose from. Add Sea Buckthorn for natural source vitamin C. Classic unscented or Flavoured with our new Flavour Drops. How to use: Apply to lips as often as needed.

Strawberry Lip Scrub  Rich in Vitamin C from Strawberries. Exfoliates flaky and dry lips to reveal softer, smoother lips; balmy and hydrating, smells just like a fresh bowl of strawberries.  How to use: Apply to lips using the stick and massage. Rinse well after 5 minutes.

Chocolate-Vanilla Lip Scrub  Rich in vitamins C and E from cocoa and banana powder. Exfoliates flaky and dry lips to reveal softer, smoother lips; balmy and hydrating, smells just like yummy chocolate. How to use: Apply to lips using the stick and massage in. Rinse well after 5 minutes.

Flavour Lip Oil Rollerball  Softens and hydrates lips while delivering a yummy flavourful scent! Choose from our new flavour drops including pineapple, mixed berry, vanilla, birthday cake, lemon and more. How to use: Roll-on lips to hydrate as needed. Travels in your pocket or purse.



Vegan Lip Care:

Lip Balm in a Pot- Cute mini pots of balmy goodness- Shea butter, Cocoa butter, plant oils and vegan Candelilla wax.  Keeps lips soft, smooth and hydrated all day. Vegan.  

Round Lip Balm  – Cool round-shaped lip balm  glides on smooth and creamy leaving lips well-hydrated.  Vegan.

Mini Lip Balm “Roses” (makes 2)- This miniature lip tint comes in a cute rose-shaped container and literally fits in your pocket! Makes two.  Lots of shades to choose from. Lips feel hydrated and soft.  For our A La Carte guests only.

Lip Sleep Mask- Our thickest, most nourishing lip treatment ever!  Melted to perfection with vegan protein.  Choose from salted caramel, matcha latte, vanilla or strawberry-banana.  How to use: Apply at night on clean lips, wake up to well-hydrated and softer lips. 

Cartoon Lip Balm Tubes (makes 2)- Nourishing lip balm in cute cartoon tubes. For A La Carte only. 

Pink Petal Lip BalmOur classic vegan lip balm in a pretty petal lip balm tube that has a mirror on each end. It’s so chic! For A La Carte only.  

LollipopWhen you can’t decide between a lip oil and a lip balm, DIY our 2-in-1 lip balm/lip oil product.  This product is for A La Carte only

DIY Cosmetics

Classic or Flavour Lip Gloss Top Party Pick! Lightweight, pigmented and ultra-hydrating rich in vitamin E. Choose your favourite shimmery shade and a cute lip container (many shades to choose from including pink, tangerine, wine, bronze and nudes).  Many styles of containers to choose from like frosted popsicle, sweet gelato, milk jar, and more! Fun-to-mix on an artist’s palette. Less than 5 raw ingredients.  

Diamond Lip Gloss- New! High-Shine Diamond Gloss 💎 Ultra-reflective, thick and sparkly. Create a custom shade with our fun florescent diamond shades– neon orange, purple, aqua, rose, green, yellow. Wowsy!

Classic Pressed Eyeshadow-  Hydrating coconut powder and antioxidant-rich plant oils combine with earth mineral micas to create this buttery smooth eyeshadow. Fun to mix on an Artist’s palette, and press in our cute palettes. Over 30 vivid shades to choose from.  How to use: Apply to eye lids using a brush or fingertips.   

Liquid Shimmer Eyeshadow– Lustrous liquid eyeshadow offers longwearing, powerfully pigmented shadow in a vitamin E rich Coconut oil. Shimmers with colour-shifting flakes.

Cream BlushFor a hydrating pop of color that melts effortlessly into your skin.  Available in our sleek gloss tube or cute pot. Lots of vivid shades to choose from including pink, peach, bronze and natural. Mixed on an artist’s palette. How to Use: Apply to cheeks and blend with your fingertips or beauty sponge.

Superfood Powder Blush- Add a pop of shimmery colour to your cheeks while feeding your skin real superfood ingredients like raspberry, pineapple, mango and more.  Rich with vitamins and antioxidants. Feels silky soft. How to use: Apply directly to your cheeks, foreheads, nose with a powder brush or puff.

Tinted Lip Oil- Ultra-sheer colour and high gloss shine.  Rich in vitamin E from coconut oil. Choose your favourite shade. Plush brush applicator.

Highlighter Dewy Drops: A skincare-makeup hybrid in one. Rich in skin-softening vitamins C + E from Jojoba oil, Meadowfoam oil, Carrot oil and others. Natural colouring from earth mineral micas– pink, tangerine, raspberry,  bronze, gold and pearl.  You can apply a drop or two of this glow enhancers literally wherever and however you want—cheeks, brow bone, even mix it into your Aloe-Gel Moisturizer or Buttercream moisturizer for a natural glow-up.  Happy highlighting!

Plant-Based Classic Nail Polish- Vegan and 10-free   —  free of 10 toxic ingredients that are generally found in nail polish (formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, and triphenyl phosphate).  Applies easily, dries quickly, and gives you a long-lasting, luminous finish. Dozens of gorgeous shades including colour-shifting Chrome in pink, yellow, green, blue and purple.     

2-in-1 Nail Art Polish : Our new 2-in-1 polish duo includes one part polish, one part glitter top coat. Mix and match colours to create your own shade and glitter combo. How fun! Vegan. How to use: Apply polish, then apply your glitter top coat.  Add $5 pp for a party

Holographic Fairy Dust Polish:   This futuristic polish collection has added holographic magic from colour-shifting chrome, metallic liquid silver and pastel fairy dust. Vegan. DIY your favourite pastel fairy dust shade: yellow, green, blue, purple, orange or pink. 


Raw Cosmetics: 

Cheek Blush-Balm (travel compact with mirror)-  A balmy blush that melts into your skin effortlessly. Melt and mix your favourite blush shade in our super cute travel-ready compact. How to Use: Apply directly to your cheeks and gently blend with a makeup brush or beauty sponge. 

Tinted Lip Balm in a Pot A nourishing lip balm in a pot with just a tint of colour.  Lots of shades to choose from. Add our new flavour drops like strawberry, cinnamon bun, birthday cake, coconut and vanilla. Looks very natural.  Lips feel hydrated and soft.  Vegan. Classic or Flavoured.

Tinted Round Lip Balm- A nourishing lip balm in a cute round container (lots of colours) with just a tint of colour.  Classic or Flavoured.  Add our new flavour drops like strawberry, cinnamon bun, birthday cake, coconut and vanilla. Lots of shades to choose from. Looks very natural.  Lips feel hydrated and soft. Can also be used as a cheek blush. Lots of cute packaging colours. Vegan. 


DIY Hair Care:

Rosemary Hair Growth Serum  –This DIY product is designed to promote healthy hair growth and scalp wellness. Blend a custom serum for specific hair and scalp issues including hair loss,  breakage, dandruff, itchy scalp, and inflammation.  Choose from our specialty hair oils including Moringa, Cherry seed,  Rice Bran, Broccoli seed and of course Rosemary essential oil.  How to use: Apply 2 full droppers to the scalp area of concern; massage with a scalp massager or fingertips. Leave in for several hours before washing out. Repeat 3x’s per week for best results.

Keratin Hair Gloss Water Serum with Hyaluronic Acid  (vegan)- For glossy, smooth and frizz-free hair. Supports healthy scalp and healthy hair growth. 100% natural and vegan. How to use: Part hair and apply a small amount directly to the scalp, then gently massage in with fingertips. Apply once a day, either morning or night.

Cream Hair Mask Deeply conditions and moisturizes hair to feel soft, smooth and voluminous. It also minimizes scalp flakiness and inflammation.  Key Ingredients: Shea butter (to enhance elasticity), Argan oil (hair protective antioxidants), vegan Hyaluronic Acid (replenishes lost hydration) and Rosemary water (aromatherapy/calms scalp). How to use: Use either as a weekly treatment or an everyday conditioner depending on hair needs. 

Scalp ScrubPacked with vegan proteins, rich in over 21 minerals from the Dead Sea. Removes product build-up to promote healthy hair growth. Soothes, cleanses, calms, hydrates dry scalp.  Choose your protein:  Matcha, Strawberry-Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla. How to use: Apply a scoop to damp hair in the shower, let sit for 30 seconds before rinsing out.

Rosemary Water Hair Boost Mist:  The natural properties found in rosemary water can help with hair growth, dry or itchy scalp,  dandruff.  Improves scalp health and strengthens hair.  How to use: Use after shampooing and conditioning hair. Apply the rosemary water directly to the scalp and ends and gently massage it in/comb through. This treatment should be left in for a few hours or even overnight.  “Continous mist” sprayer delivers an all-over even mist.  Breathe in the transforming aroma for an overall sense of well-being. May also be applied to face, body, dry hair.







DIY Body Care:

 Classic Body Butter-  Borage butter combines with Shea butter, superfood powders and essential oils to create the perfect whipped texture.  Amp it up with our natural source Sea Buckthorn Vitamin C berry oil. Mix and fold your butter on our cold marble slabs, then transfer to our minimalist white jar container. How to use: Perfect for dry hands, feet and body; use as needed.  

Brightening Body Cream (Pink, Peach)- Get your glow-up with our new illuminating Body Cream. For softer, smoother, more radiant skin. Rich in vitamins C and E from Shea butter, borage oil and plant oils.  Add your favourite vegan colour drops and flavour drops like coconut, vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon bun, birthday cake, watermelon and more.  

Mineral Salt-Balm Body ScrubBuff away dry dead skin cells with our balmy scrub rich in 21 minerals from the Dead Sea including magnesium to calm redness, dry and itchy skin. Choose from our essential oils or fun flavour drops like coconut, strawberry, pineapple and green apple. Mix and make with your hands (so satisfying!). This is not a sugar scrub, this is a body replenishing Dead Sea Salt Scrub. How to use: Scoop a handful of salt into hands and massage into wet skin in the shower, focusing on dry rough areas (avoid face). Can also be used on scalp or dry patches to soothe inflammation and eczema.

Flavour Body Oil (50ml)-   Rich in vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene. Delivers a sun-kissed glow. Choose from our new Flavour Drops to custom-scent: pineapple, watermelon, mixed berry, vanilla, coconut, strawberry and others.  How to use: Apply a few pumps to damp clean body skin following a shower.  

HA Body Serum-Hyaluronic Acid helps draw in/lock in moisture while sea buckthorn repairs and strengthens the skin barrier.  Fast absorbing serum. Vegan. Rich in vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene. Delivers a sun-kissed glow.  How to use: Apply a few pumps to damp clean body skin following a shower.  

Sunflower Body Wash (vegan)- New! Made with pure sunflower oil, argan oil and coconut oil. Gently yet effectively cleanses while nourishing skin. Add flavour drops like watermelon, peaches, coconut and vanilla. Add fun colour drops. Alcohol-free, SLS-free.  How to Use:  Massage over wet body skin in the shower.  



Raw Body Care:

Exfoliating Scrub Stick- Brightens, softens and smoothes skin. Perfect for targeting dry, flaky areas on the face or body.  Made with buttery soft olive oil and vitamin E rich Shea butter and raw exfoliants.  Choose your scrub level– jojoba beads, apricot shells or loofah.  Fits in your bag, perfect for on-the-go!  How to use: Apply directly to face or body on dry skin and add water to emulsify.   


DIY Facial Care:

Coconut Milk Cleanser (vegan) – Gently removes makeup, impurities, and excess oils without drying or irritating the skin.  Features antioxidant-rich Milk Thistle and hydrating Papaya extracts to deliver extra moisture and nourishment for dry, sensitive, or mature skin types. Coconut oil is a protective and clarifying emollient high in Lauric Acid that glides onto skin and makes it glow. How to use: Simply massage onto your wet face and rinse off, or for very dry complexions, apply directly onto the skin and wipe off with a clean towel.    15 ml or large 50 ml (add $5 for larger size for a party).

Soy-Protein Gentle Face Wash  (vegan)  – A gentle, non-stripping face wash that removes makeup & impurities while softening, hydrating, and balancing all skin types & tones. Features Soy Protein, a plant-based extract rich in Isoflavones  known to replenish moisture levels while diminishing dry or flaky skin, leaving it silky-soft and supple to the touch. How to use: Wet skin, massage over face and eyes, and rinse. 

Aloe + Cucumber Eye Gel Moisturizer w/Hyaluronic Acid   – Soothing cucumber and cooling aloe depuff and brighten the eye area. Vegan HA plumps the skin with instant hydration. Smoothes fine lines.  Great for Dry/Dehydrated skin, Dark Circles, Puffiness or Sensitive skin. How to use: Massage a pea-sized amount on upper & ower eyelids morning & evening—or any time eyes need a lift. 15 ml  

Aloe Water-Gel Hydration Mask (vegan)New! Hydrates, plumps and nourishes delicate or inflammed skin. Calms redness, rosacea and eczema. Made with soothing, cooling Aloe Vera, real superfoods like Spirulina, Coconut, Watermelon and Sweet Potato powder; plus moisture-boosting vegan Hyaluronic Acid. How to use: Apply to clean dry skin, wait 10 minutes before washing off.  

Superfood Powder Face Mask- 100% raw ingredients including mineral clays and superfood powders for your skin type and skin concerns. Pore-refining, exfoliating, skin brightening.  Address skin conditions such as acne, rough texture, hyperpigmentation.   How to use: This is a ‘dry’ mask. In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 tsp mask powder with water until you get a thin paste.  Apply a thin layer to face (use a mask brush or fingers). Leave for 5 minutes, rinse with warm water.  Follow up with any of our moisturizers to hydrate. 

Vitamin C Sun-Kissed Face Oil – Deeply nourish, treat and protect your delicate skin with a concentrated mix of plant-source antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E.  For naturally hydrated, glowing skin. How to use: Pat several drops of oil into freshly cleansed skin. Do this day and night.

Buttercream Soft Moisturizer- Amp up the moisture content in your skin with superfoods rich in plant-source HA, Vitamin C and AHA. This face cream hydrates, locks in moisture, and protects the skin barrier. Vegan. How to use: Apply a thin layer of cream to freshly cleansed face skin. Apply after a face oil.  

Buttercream Face ScrubSmooth and soften dry or dull skin with our hydrating butters, fruit powders, jojoba beads and plant-source Vitamin C.  Suitable for delicate or dry skin types. Vegan. How to use: Massage a small amount into dry skin at the skin using circular motions. Rinse well with warm water.

Hyaluronic Acid Water Serum (vegan):   Lightweight water serum delivers a hefty dose of hydration and dewy skin.  Vegan, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. Enriched with skin-balancing aromatherapy waters like lemongrass, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, neroli and others.  Gel-like texture binds moisture to the skin instantly. Plumps, restores volume. How to use on skin: Press into damp clean skin; follow up with our soft buttercream to seal in moisture.  

Soft Brightening Eye Cream: Reduce the look of dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.  Shea butter, plant-based HA and Hibiscus oil hydrate, firm and plump skin while sheer pink pearl illuminates for a softly brightened look.  Choose a colour drop to illuminate your skin, from pink-pearl to peach to gold. How to use: Dab several drops of cream under the delicate eye area and massage in using fingers or an eye roller.



Raw Cleansers:

Creamy Milk Cleanser (vegan)- Creamy cleanser that gently removes makeup, impurities, and excess oils without drying or irritating the skin. Perfect for delicate, sensitive skin. Soothing. As a toner helps to balance, protect and condition the skin while soothing irritations.  Increases moisture and locks it in.  Made with Mediterranean Milk thistle, Coconut and Papaya extract.   How to use: Simply massage onto dry skin and rinse off.  Press a dime-sized amount into skin to tone.  Two sizes, add $5 pp for the larger 50ml.


DIY Skin Mists, Body Sprays + Natural Perfume

Perfume Oil Rollerball with Fun Flavour Drops – Create your own  perfume blend with our fun flavour drops like pineapple, peaches and cream, vanilla, coconut, strawberry, watermelon, birthday cake, more. Enriched with skin-nourishing Argan oil rich in vitamin E.  Vegan, gluten-free. How to use: Roll-on pulse points and breathe in beautiful aroma.

Perfume Oil Rollerball w/ Pure Essential Oils – Create your own natural perfume blend with mood-boosting essential oils such as Jasmine, Rose, Geranium, Sage, Sandalwood and others.  Enriched with skin-nourishing Argan oil rich in vitamin E.  Boosts your mood while nourishing your skin. Vegan, gluten-free. How to use: Roll-on pulse points and breathe in beautiful aroma.

Aromatherapy Roll-on- Create your own aromatherapy blend for wellness– stress-relief, sleep, headache-relief, meditation, focus and more. Made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. This is truly wellness in a bottle.  How to use: Roll-on plus points and breathe in. Travels well.  Classic Ombre -style rollerball bottle.

Skin Mists-  Popular!  We offer two types of alcohol-free skin mists: 

  •  Steam-distilled Aromatherapy Floral Water Mist. These mists deliver a 2-in-1 one boost of hydration plus aromatherapy.  Mix and match your favourite aromatherapy water including chamomile, rose, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, sandalwood, neroli. Packed with skin-nourishing benefits and calming anti-inflammatory properties. How to Use: Mist directly over your face to hydrate and nourish, and set makeup.
  • Aloe Juice Mist.  Made with refreshing Aloe Vera Juice as a base you can add in our fun flavour drops to create a yummy body spray– like Strawberry, Pineapple, Peaches, Watermelon, Coconut and more. Aloe is very soothing and cooling. How to use: Mist over face, body and hair for added hydration.  


Aromatherapy Candles

Classic Bubble Candle: Hand pour our cute new aromatherapy bubble candle! This artsy candle burns clean is made with strictly organic (therapeutic-grade) essential oils.  Boosts your mood while purifying your living space.  Fragrance free, chemical free. Creamy, vegan coconut-apricot-soy wax.  Includes a tag and gift box.  This candle is available for parties, add $10 pp.

Hearts Bubble Candle: Hand pour our  new aromatherapy HEARTS bubble candle! This artsy candle burns clean is made with strictly organic (therapeutic-grade) essential oils.  Boosts your mood while purifying your living space.  Fragrance free, chemical free. Creamy, vegan coconut-apricot-soy wax.  Includes a tag and gift box. A La Carte Only. New for 2024.

“Ombre” Hearts Bubble Candle: Hand pour our new 3-layer Ombre HEARTS bubble candle! This artsy candle burns clean is made with strictly organic (therapeutic-grade) essential oils.  Boosts your mood while purifying your living space.  Fragrance free, chemical free. Creamy, vegan coconut-apricot-soy wax.  Includes a tag and gift box. A La Carte Only. New for 2024.

Aromatherapy Wood-Wick Candles: We offer various sizes and vessels for our crackling wood wick candles:

  • 7 oz Glass vessel
  • 10 oz Metallic vessel
  • 14 oz Concrete vessel

Create a candles you can feel good about burning and breathing in.  Design a candle with essential oils to relieve headaches, improve focus, support  your meditation practice and more.  Totally chemical-free/fragrance-free.




Our products and ingredients are raw, plant-based, waterless and vegan.  100% free from toxic chemicals as found in traditional skincare and makeup (ie. fragrance, petrolatum). We use strictly organic therapeutic-grade essential oils and real superfood ingredients, plant waxes, butters and cold-pressed carrier oils that feed our skin nutrients it needs.  Our soap bars are vegetable based free from chemicals like Lye and SLS (so they do not produce soapy suds nor foam).  Allergies: If you have an allergy (ie. nuts) please inform our team prior to your party. We can substitute ingredients where needed.



A look at some of our awesome guests and their DIY creations:


Spirulina + Aloe Water-Gel Hydration Mask

Aloe + Sweet Potato Water Gel Mask

Making Aloe Water Gel Hydration Masks

Watermelon + Aloe Water-Gel Hydration Mask in Baby Chick

Aloe Water Gel Hydration Mask

Tinted Lip Balms in cute pots

Peach Brightening Body Butter

Pouring her Watermelon + Aloe Gel Mask

Mixing her polish

New Ring Pop Gloss

New Drink Cup Gloss

Waffle Soap

2-in-1 Nail Art Polish

Classic Vegan Polish

Perfume Oil Rollerball + Lip Oil

Personalized bag + Keychain wallet

Cream Cheek Blush

Pineapple Lip Oil

Strawberry Lip Oil

Making HA Water Serum

Melting Lip Balms

Strawberry Waffle Soap

Mixed Berry Waffle Soap

Hearts Bubble Candle

New Pink Body Butter

Pink Drizzle on Butter

Customer Love

Skin Mist

Baked Bath Bombs

Pretty Blue Chrome Nail Polish

Personalized Cozy Belt Bag

Making Powder Cheek Blush

Party Balloons

Personalized Cozy Belt Bag

Donut Bar, Cake Bar

Lip Gloss, Bubble Candle, Eyeshadow

Bath Bombs, Lip Gloss, Mask

Lip Oil, Lip Gloss, Cream Blush, HA Serum

Personalized Makeup Bags

Baked Bath bombs

Scrub Stick

Clear keychain wallet personalized

Donut Soap

Hello Kitty Mini Soaps

Personalized Belt Bag

Making her bubble candles

Designing her makeup bag

Iced Donut Soap

Personalized Makeup Bags (party favour)

Choosing letter patches

Personalized Makeup Bags (party favour)

Pencil Lip Gloss

Testing lip shades

Bubble Candle Making

Popsicle Lip Gloss

Gelato Lip Gloss

Purple Bubble Candle + Personalized Bag

Mom’s and daughters DIY lip oil

They designed their own makeup bags

Lollipop- Lip balm and lip oil in one!

Happy 8th bday Selena (with her popsicle lip gloss)

Just made: Poolside Cream Eyeshadow

11th Bday for twins Savannah + Selenna

Cheek Blush Balm, Lip Tint, Gloss + Donut

Baby chick Buttercream, Powder Blush, Cake Bar

Sandbar cream eyeshadow

The bronze set

Body Scrub Station

A La Carte guest: Lip Gloss and Personalized Belt Bag

Decorated Hello Kitty Soaps

Hello Kitty Soaps (8)

Icing Hello Kitty Soaps

Bubble Candles w/Tags

Wicked ready to pour bubble candles

Donut soap ready for icing

Personalized bag, lip gloss, powder blush, eyeshadow

Personalized bag, powder blush, eyeshadow (baby shark shade), gelato lip gloss

“W” for Willow

Willows DIY party products

Kaia’s DIY Product Products

Bath bombs, popsicle lip gloss, eyeshadow (Aloha shade), powder blush, and personalized peach bag.

Personalizing their Makeup Bags

A La Carte Guests’ Blue Spirulina Bath Bombs

Hands-on Bath Bombs

DIY Personalized Makeup Bags (add-on party favour item)

Cailyn’s 15th bday

Ombre Body Sprays

Cake Soap Bars before icing

Baby Chick Buttercream + Kokeshi Mist

Icing her cake bar soap

Cailyn’s 15th bday

Mixing lip gloss

Cake table set up

Body Sprays and Selfies

Bath Bombs- Fresh and warm from the oven

Group Selfie

Oh yes, blue spirulina body butter!

Local business Foundation Chiropractic celebrating a private birthday party

New Milk Jar Lip Gloss (shade: Holiday Party Pink)

Sophie’s 8th Bday- Donut Bars

Sophie’s 8th bday – Gelato Lip Gloss

Pretty Cake for Sophie’s 8th (by Cocomint)

New Kokeshi Skin Mist

Fresh Skin Mist

Fresh Kokeshi Skin Mist

A La Carte for Michelle’s Bachelorette

Bachelorette Create + Bake

Emma’s 9th birthday

Making Lip Gloss with Emma + Friends

Baby Chick Buttercream

DIY Bag (for mom)

DIY Eyeshadow (shade: Aloha)

Matching Popsicle Lip Glosses

Making Dragronfruit Lip Gloss

Making Hello Kitty mini soaps

Making round mini lip balms

Line-up at the donut decorating station

5-year old A La Carte Guest

A La Carte Guests from Niagara Falls

Mixing Lip Gloss

Picking a Mochi complimentary gift

Making Bath Bombs

Icing Hello Kitty Mini Soap Bars

Group photo

Lucy’s Lip Gloss made A La Carte

Lucy’s Bath Bombs made A La Carte

Cute new Powder Cheek Blush Mini

Mixing Strawberry Lip Scrub

Mixing masks in our new lemon jars

Anjali’s 7th birthday making lip gloss

Pouring donut bars

Donut bar w/Icing and sprinkles

Ella and friends stirring donut butter

Fresh from the fridge Raspberry Lip Tint

A nice Peach Vegan Lip Tint

Maria baking fresh donuts for her 11th bday

Kimberly’s 7th birthday

Snap a Fujii Instax

Trying on her DIY lip gloss

Appleby College students

Ms Bailey (teacher) + student

Appleby College students selfie

Milania bday with friends

Milania mixing lip gloss

Milania group pic

Gia’s 10th Bday

Zyainna’s 12 Bday

Designing Donut Bars

DIY Lip Gloss (Party Pink)

Chef Pia’s Baked Bath Bombs

A La Carte Cartoon Lip Balms

Squishy Mochi’s for our party guests

A great menu: Sleep Mask, Body Scrub, Face oil, Lip Oil

Pretty colourful glass bottles for our face oils

Soleil and mom on her 12th Birthday

Soleil and her grandmother

Soleil’s friends with lip sleep masks

Sisters creating vegan lip gloss A La Carte

Aunt + Niece Day Out making A La Carte items

Ready to decorate donut bars

Happy 10th birthday Olivia

Welcome back, Sophie!

Nina’s 11th Birthday

Nina & Friends Photo-op!

Picking gifts

Making vegan lip gloss

BFF’s A La Carte

Mother and Daughter

Testing out Lip Gloss shades

Doutzen’s 9th Birthday

Winnie just iced her donut bar

A la carte guest Winnie with her Holiday Red Lip Gloss


Winnie and mom April taking selfies

5-year A La Carte guest Penolope making donut bars

Icing and sprinkles for Penelope’s donut bar

Penelope decorating her steamer pint with washi tape

Gia’s 8th Birthday

Gia’s Birthday Lip Glosses

Gia’s Bday mixing lip gloss

Jojo and friends get-together mixing gloss

Jojo and friends get-together

decorating donuts

Calista’s 12th bday making gloss

Calista and friends

Pretty custom lip glosses

Sophie + Ciona’s 10th bday

Twins Sophie and Ciona’s

Picking balms

Holiday Party with Melissa’s Pilate’s team

Teen’s Secret Santa Party

All Ages A La Carte

Ava’s 9th birthday

Happy 9th Birthday Olivia!

Oliva’s friends mixing scrubs

Liv is 9 yrs old!

Sophie’s brother mixing blue spirulina body butter

Sophie and friends

Happy 9th Birthday Sophie!

Sophie’s Birthday Party

Sophie’s mom Pearl made this bubble tea cake!

Decorate your ice-cream bath bomb cartons

Sisters Anna and Dani mixing A La Carte Butters

Lauren’s Private Birthday Party

A la carte birthday guests!


Team building workshop with athletes from CheerForce Cheer gym, Oakville

Lauren’s Private Birthday Party

Molly came for a selfie

Happy Birthday Jaanae

Rayna’s Birthday

A young maker

Happy Birthday Lily

Kids private birthday party (age 7+)

Making Superfood Body Butter at Priscilla’s 11th birthday party

Take home a Fuji Instax in our vintage floral Telephone Booth! (private parties only)

Making vegan lip gloss at Priscilla’s 11th birthday party

Custom superfood masks based on your skin concerns

Adult birthday party


A La Carte Guests snapping selfies in our vintage floral phone booth

Kids Private Birthday Party, mixing superfood body butters

Mom and Daughter, A La Carte makeup




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