Clay’s Beauty Secrets:: Unmasked

On Tuesday, August 13th, Nuworld Botanicals held a free seminar at Whole Foods Market Square One where we explored the beauty secrets behind clay and treated our guests to a complimentary Nuworld Botanicals Sun-Dried Mineral Clay Mask application.  

Today, clay and clay-based products are all the rage, but they’re hardly a new phenomenon.  Clay has a long history in skin care. It’s a particularly appealing ingredient in the natural products industry—after all, what could be more natural than clay?

Clays all share similarities on a molecular level and in terms of their healing properties. Their ability to draw toxins, balance the skin, absorb excess oil and moisture, and gently exfoliate make them an ancient remedy with a bright future.

The main benefit of clays is their absorptive property (purification). They tend to draw out impurities, including dirt and excess

Clays can also help exfoliate in two ways—by pulling dead skin cells away from the top layer of skin and by scrubbing the skin with fine particles. They can also renew skin cells, tighten pores, tone and stimulate blood circulation for healthy, glowing skin.

Clays are made up of different mineral contents and each clay type has a different effect on the skin.  Nuworld Botanicals Sun-Dried Mineral Clay masks are a pre-mixed blend of 100 percent all-natural pure healing clays from Australia and France, enriched with botanical extracts, in powdered form.

Keep in mind you’ll want a mask that is going to fill the needs of your specific skin type and concerns, so obviously someone with acne doesn’t need a hydrating mask because they already have too much oil.  Nuworld Botanicals offers customized mask treatments for dry/mature skin, oily/problematic skin, sensitive/normal skin and all skin types.




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