Masterclass Coaching: For 1-Day Masterclass Students and Candle Masterclass Students

We’ve helped hundreds of Masterclass students take their business to the next-level with our Masterclass Coaching Program.

Have you completed our Masterclass course? Are you ready to propel your business even further? From marketing and branding to communication and self-awareness training our curated coaching program is designed for you and your business.

The first step: Schedule your 15-minute complimentary discovery call, and let’s take it from there to see how we can help.

Meet Your Coaches:

Natalie Cascella, Founder and CEO Nuworld Botanicals. Natalie is a certified  entrepreneur with dozens of successful product launches in major retail stores including Whole Foods Market and Chapters Indigo and on national TV (TSC).  She is also a published author of Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipe book, now out on Amazon.  She owns her own retail skincare store in Downtown Oakville where she teaches her signature Masterclass certificate program, inspiring and empowers other artisan skincare makers to kickstart their own dream skincare brand.  She offers real-life practical business advice that you can take immediate action on. She knows exactly what it takes to launch and grow a handmade artisan skincare brand.

Lana Marconi, R.Ac. Lana is a trained wellness expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is TCM Acupuncturist and she has a TCMP Diploma in herbal medicine with a practice in downtown Oakville. Lana is also a Certified Coaching Practitioner and has a Doctorate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Lana’s goal is to help you develop the critical “soft” skills or “courage-building” skills you need to propel your growth forward and gain business traction including communication, time management, adaptability, personal connections, problem solving and leadership skills. Remember, your business is a reflection of you, and everything you think, feel, do and say shows up in your business. If you don’t change, grow and expand, you business can’t transform and progress either. Lana will teach you how.

This is a highly personalized business coaching program that pairs a proven business system with personal performance to foster not only the growth of your business but also the growth of its leader– you.

To inquire: Please email OR call us at the store 905.338.3259 to book your call. Please note, our business coaching program is EXCLUSIVE to Masterclass students. You must have completed the course within the last 6 months (either on Udemy or at our Oakville store).

Rescheduling Policy:  This is a free 15 minute consultation. Should you need to reschedule your time slot you must notify us within 48 hours or a $25 fee will be applied before you can book your next time slot.


Thinking about taking our 1-Day Skincare Masterclass course?  If you can’t decide between our in-store course and online Masterclass, here are the main differences:

Description In-Store 1-Day Masterclass Online Masterclass
21 Business Lessons  Live and interactive instruction and discussion with the founder Natalie and her sister Lana Marconi  Videos are on demand with downloadable content in the PDF resources
Masterclass Workbook You will receive a printed copy of our Masterclass Workbook. Downloadable PDFs are available to you on the platform; a printed workbook can be shipped to you for an additional fee of $45
Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipe Book I  You will receive a printed copy of Natalie’s recipe book I. A hardcopy Recipe Book is not included, however 21 recipes from the book are included plus video demos and recipe sheets; download the PDFs
Masterclass Certificate Yes (printed certificate with holder) Yes (a PDF will be emailed to you; you can also request a printed certificate for $25 + shipping)
7 Products to Make and Take, plus 1 DIY Kit Yes, you will make and take 7 products on that day No product or ingredients are included.
Apron Yes, included Not included
VIP Membership Discount Yes, 30% off raw ingredients for 6 months to shop online or in-store Yes, 30% off raw ingredients for 6 months to shop online or in-store
Light Lunch  Yes, a lunch box is included  Not included
Cost $575 (as of Nov 2022).  Prices are subject to change at any time as this course evolves and expands. $199
Completion Time Wrap it up in just one day Work at your own pace, you get a lifetime membership on Udemy (please note, we do not own the Udemy platform. Any technical or fee related issue must be directed to Udemy support team)
Payment Plan Sorry, we do not offer a payment plan. You can put down a deposit and pay the balance prior to attending the class. No payment plan offered on Udemy.
Experience Get the full experience with this interactive, hands-on and fun course; meet Natalie and other aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself  Connect with Natalie on the Udemy platform; ask questions and read other student Q + A.



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