Next-Level Masterclass Coaching: Let’s Get Down to Business

We’ve helped hundreds of Masterclass students take their business to the next-level. And we can help you too.

Have you completed our Masterclass course? Are you ready to propel your business even further? From marketing and branding to communication and self-awareness training our curated coaching program is designed for you, your goals, and your business.

Meet Your Coaches:

Natalie Cascella, Founder and CEO Nuworld Botanicals. Natalie is a certified  entrepreneur with dozens of successful product launches in major retail stores including Whole Foods Market and Chapters Indigo and on national TV (TSC).  She is also a published author of Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipe book, now out on Amazon.  She owns her own retail skincare store in Downtown Oakville where she teaches her signature Masterclass certificate program, inspiring and empowers other artisan skincare makers to kickstart their own dream skincare brand.  She offers real-life practical business advice that you can take immediate action on. She knows exactly what it takes to launch and grow a handmade artisan skincare brand.

Lana Marconi, R.Ac. Lana is a trained wellness expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is TCM Acupuncturist and she has a TCMP Diploma in herbal medicine with a practice in downtown Oakville. Lana is also a Certified Coaching Practitioner and has a Doctorate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Lana’s goal is to help you develop the critical “soft” skills or “courage-building” skills you need to propel your growth forward and gain business traction including communication, time management, adaptability, personal connections, problem solving and leadership skills. Remember, your business is a reflection of you, and everything you think, feel, do and say shows up in your business. If you don’t change, grow and expand, you business can’t transform and progress either. Lana will teach you how.

This is a highly personalized business coaching program that pairs a proven business system with personal performance to foster not only the growth of your business but also the growth of its leader– you.

To inquire: Please email Please note, our business coaching program is EXCLUSIVE to Masterclass students who have taken and completed the course either on Udemy or at our Oakville store.

Rescheduling Policy:  This is a free 15 minute consultation. Should you need to reschedule your time slot you must notify us within 48 hours or a $25 fee will be applied before you can book your next time slot.

We get this question often, and so here’s a quick snap shot of what makes our in-store Masterclass different from our online Udemy Masterclass:

Masterclass Description In-Store  Masterclass Udemy Online Masterclass
21 Recipes + 21 Business Lessons  Yes, live instruction by the founder Natalie, her sister and wellness expert Lana and the team of Master Mixologists; plus, you get a free code to access the online Udemy class to enjoy more recipes on demand anytime! Yes, videos on demand
Masterclass Workbook A printed copy of our Workbook will be provided. Downloadable PDFs; printed workbook can be shipped to you for $45
Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipe Book (includes 45 recipes, glossary of ingredients and more) Yes, a paperback book is provided. Book not included
Masterclass Certificate Yes (printed certificate with holder) Yes (a PDF will be emailed to you; you can also request a printed certificate for $25 + shipping)
6 Products to Make and Take, plus 1 DIY Kit Yes, included No product or ingredients are included
Apron Yes, included Not included
VIP Membership Discount Yes, 30% off raw ingredients for 6 months to shop online or in-store Yes, 30% off raw ingredients for 6 months to shop online or in-store
Light Lunch  Yes included  Not included


Private Mixology with a Nuworld Botanicals Master Mixologist  

Are you interested in one-on-one recipe training with a Nuworld Botanicals Master Mixologist? At this session, you will receive personalized instruction on how to perfectly craft one recipe of your choice from my DIY Raw Skincare Recipe Book.  A Mixologist will take you through the steps from start to finish and discuss ingredients, how to mix and match alternate ingredients, tools and equipment required, method, process and timing.   


Here are some products recipes from the book that you can pick from:

Product Private Mixology Session Prices
DIY Bath Bomb kit 2 x medium size bath bomb $ 40
DIY Cleansing Soap Bar kit 2 x 70 g $ 35
DIY Shampoo bar kit  2 x 70g $ 35
DIY Body Scrub kit 250 g $ 30
DIY Whipped Mango Cream kit 120 ml  $ 40
DIY Vegan Lip Balm kit 4 x 5 g $ 25
DIY Vegan Deodorant  kit 15 g $ 25
DIY Vitamins Face Oil kit 30 ml $ 45
DIY Lip Luminizer kit 2 x 10 ml  $ 25
DIY Bronzing/ Highlighting Powder kit 30 g  $ 50
DIY Mineral Clay Mask kit 60 g  $ 30
DIY Mineral Bath Soak Salts kit 250 g  $ 30
DIY Carrot Melting Balm kit 60 g  $ 40
DIY Waterless Balm kit 60 g  $ 40

Don’t see the product you want to make? Call us to inquire.

Online or In-store

Our Master Mixologists are available for 1-hour private mixology sessions both in-store and online. For online, we can only ship to residents in Canada or the USA.

To inquire, please send us an email to or call us at 905.338.3259.

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