Nuworld Botanicals Makes an Appearance on Toronto Talk Show ‘Wylde on Health’

On February 10th 2012 (live at 7 p.m.), Nuworld Botanicals made a special guest appearance on ‘Wylde on Health’- the Valentines Show! Natalie Cascella and Dr. Lana Marconi (Director of Research, Nuworld Botanicals) had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Wylde about the Aphrodisiac Collection and the Science Behind Aromatherapy. Two lucky viewers also had the chance to win a complete set of Aphrodisiac organic products: Roll-on, Mineral-Replenish Body Scrub, Multi-Nutritive Oil for Body, Bath and Hair and the Marine-Mineral Bath Soak.

Natalie Cascella, Dr. Lana Marconi, Dr. Bryce Wylde

So What is the Story Behind Our Aphrodisiac Blend? Aphrodisiac comes from the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure Aphrodite. In our Aphrodisiac blend we have mindfully selected five essential oils that we believe have a synergistic effect that would surpass Aphrodite’s expectations for a romantic tonic.

The blend of oils that make up our signature Aphrodisiac product (Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandlewood, Orange, Patchouli ) have their roots in culture, history and science. Each scent was chosen because of its unique part in the stimulating and calming process in humans. It’s known that the sense of smell is connected to sexuality and desire.

What is the relationship between scent and desire? Dr. Lana walks us through the science and history behind the blend:

Aphrodisiac CollectionJasmine: Historically, this oil has been used by women of the East to arouse sexual feelings. Women have long treasured it for its seductiveness that it has been nicknamed “Queen of the Night” and “Moonlight of the Grove.”  Globally, it has been used as a favorite component in women’s perfumes because it allures, entices and excites passion.  Scientific research in Thailand and Japan has shown jasmine to have a stimulating effect on the nervous system: it increases breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure, all of which indicate an increase of autonomic arousal. At the emotional level, subjects rated themselves as more alert, more vigorous and less relaxed than subjects in the control group.

Orange: Orange has a fruity scent that lifts the spirit and brings a calming sensation. Just the smell of it brings a smile to your face and invokes happiness and a cheery, playful feeling. Scientifically, research on citrus oils has shown them to possess anti-anxiety and antidepressant-like effects.

Ylang Ylang: Scientifically, ylang ylang essential oil used topically has demonstrated reductions in blood pressure and higher skin temperatures after using the oil. Research participants were asked to self-evaluate their stress levels and reported themselves more calm and relaxed than the control group after treatment using ylang ylang

Sandalwood: Historically, sandalwood has been more attractive to women hence its inclusion in fragrances designed for men.  Scientifically, sandalwood has been shown to elevate pulse rate, mood, and attentiveness.

Patchouli: Sometimes called “the scent of the sixties.” And, what happened in the 60s? The Sexual Revolution whose message was: “make love not war.” This short plant that grows close to the ground has a musky aroma adding an earthly, physical element to our sensual elixir. Its close connection to the ground is symbolic for men and women to awaken to the physical delights of the human body.  In Eastern cultures, it is commonly used around the house to provide general support for body health. Patchouli is referenced in books in regards to its erotic and alluring scent.

As you can see, in one Aphrodisiac roll-on or in one bag of Aphrodisiac Marine-Mineral Bath Soak, there is a lot of activity going on! Our dynamic blend of the above essential oils creates a synergistic effect that we have called “aphrodisiac.” From Jasmine our sexual desire is heightened; we feel seductive. From ylang ylang we feel excitement and passion. From mixing ylang ylang with sandalwood we have the marriage of female and male energies. Orange gives us the fun and spontaneity and from patchouli we have the awakening of our physical senses to the sensual delights of the body.

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Dr Lana Marconi (Director of Research, Nuworld Botanicals) has a two doctorate degrees: one in Psychology and one in Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine is the study and science of how our energy system effects the outer environment and how the environment effects our energy system. Dr Lana is also an author with books on healthy living. She practices Laser Therapy at her Mississauga Clinic and helps people quit smoking, lose weight and relieve stress.

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