Nuworld Botanicals Selected to Participate in the Kari Feinstein 2011 Emmy Style Lounge

Los Angeles, California

The countdown is on for the Emmy Awards, Sunday September 18th in L.A., and that means swag time! Celebrity gifting suites are of course a swanky traditional around Hollywood award shows and so when Nuworld Botanicals (NWB) received a personal invite to be there, we jumped at the opportunity!

This year, Nuworld Botanicals (NWB) will participate in the 2011 Kari Feinstein Emmy Style Lounge, in an undisclosed location (for now) in Hollywood California, September 15th and 16th. The Style Lounge is hosted by Feinstein/ MGuiness PR (FMPR), an industry leader specializing in publicity and special events with top-tier clients like Rockport and Reebok. Only cutting-edge national and international trend setting companies are invited to attend the Style Lounge to display and present their latest and greatest brands and products.

Who will visit the Style Lounge? This is a private, invitation-only event hosted by FMPR. Everyone who’s invited for an Emmy would be invited to the Style Lounge, as well as presenters and performers. The Style Lounge will be a rare opportunity for NWB to have personal interactions with the Hollywood elite and make connections with celebrities and stylists.

What product will NWB feature? NWB will be showcasing its organic Aromatherapy Personals™ signature roll-ons, Multi-Nutritive ‘3-in1’ Oil for Body, Bath and Hair and Marine-Mineral Bath Soaks. Celebrities, publicists and the press will all have the opportunity to sample and select their favorite blends and receive on-site demonstrations.  Every step of the way there will be event photographers documenting the action.

Please stay tuned for the post-show wrap up!

Feinstein/McGuiness PR (FMPR) is a Los-Angeles based firm that produces more than half a dozen Style Lounges annually for niche marketing and in anticipation of major award shows and film festivals. Visit

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