Design and Launch A DIY Skincare Bar: 1-on-1 Consulting + Training

Can’t make it to the in-person course? No problem. We’re happy to offer you a 1-on-1 online training session. If you are local (Greater Toronto area), we can also schedule a personal on-site session at your retail store location.  To start the process: Take a moment to complete the following form (scroll to bottom) and we’ll be in touch, typically within two business days.

Fees: Starting at $650 (introductory pricing). Prices vary for on-site retail store visits.



Do you own a retail store? Are you looking for ways (services) to boost your retail business? If you love the idea of crafting customized skincare, we’ve got the course and concept for you! Get ready to be inspired at my new course for retail entrepreneurs. It’s never been easier (and faster) to launch your DREAM DIY SKINCARE BAR than RIGHT NOW.

In this course I’m breaking down my proven and tested system to help save you time, effort and money (otherwise spent on years of R&D and more!).  We’re sharing dozens of recipes and concept bars to help jump-start your creativity. Learn how to create your own DIY skincare bar from customizing masks and face oils to scrubs and bath bombs to bronzing powders and lip gloss⁣.

⁣⁣⁣⁣What’s included?
-150-page tactical Course Workbook loaded with practical business lessons and design exercises
-Copy of my published DIY Raw Skincare Recipe Book featuring 45 best-selling retail recipes (hardback)
-Sketch Book and Pencil Case with accessories
-Colour Tool
-30% off our raw ingredients for 1 year (no obligation to purchase our ingredients)


-The Perfect Add-on
-Inside our Proven System
-Inspire your Idea


How to design a bar to suit your concept, space and budget
-Drawing Inspiration
-Space Planning
-Design Mood Board


It’s a whole system with charts are included!
-Essential Oils and Carrier Oils
-Mineral Clays
-Superfood Extract Powders
-Mineral Salts
-Mineral Micas


Our 5 Guiding Principles for a Successful Mix and Serve
Twelve DIY Concept Bars to inspire your bar idea including:
1. Mask bar (Face Masks)
2. Oil Bar (Face Oils)
3. Oil Bar (Highlighting Face Oils)
4. Oil  Bar (Body/Massage Oils)
5. Oil Bar (Hair/Scalp Oils)
6. Oil Bar (Aromatherapy Roll-ons /Natural Perfume)
7. Butter Bar (Vegan Face Creams & Body Butter)
8. Salt Bar (Mineral Salt Bath Soaks)
9. Salt Bar (Mineral Body Scrubs)
10. Bath Bomb Bar (Bath Bombs)
11. Bronzing Bar (Mineral Bronzing Powders)
12. Lip Bar (Lip Gloss Luminizers)

*Live demos by our Mixologists. All recipes and ingredients are our own, and are natural, organic and vegan. Proven, tested, retail ready.

Shopping list templates to help you easily shop for what you need to get up and running:
1. Raw ingredients
2. Containers, Jars, Bottles
3. Kitchen Tools


Note: This is not a license to operate a Nuworld Botanicals™ Raw Skincare Bar, nor to use our trademark brand name.  This is a practical business course designed to help you create and launch a skincare bar under your own brand.   There is no obligation to use or purchase our raw ingredients, but they are available to course students at 30% off for 1-year. In addition you may register for future add-on services that pair up with this course.  It is strongly recommended that you own and operate a brick and mortar retail store as retail is the scope of this course.

This course is for you if:
-You are a small-business retail owner looking for a unique and exciting concept to boost your retail business
-You enjoy DIY natural skincare making
-You want to grow and expand your retail market

A DIY Skincare Bar is the perfect add-on concept for many types of businesses:
-Skincare & Cosmetics Shops
-Spas & Massage Clinics
-Wellness Clinics
-Juice and Smoothie Bars
-Fitness & Health Studios
-Hair & Nail Salons
-Specialty Shops
-And more!

Let us help you create the perfect DIY bar concept for your business.



Steps to Schedule Online or On-site (at your store) Training:

  1. Complete the Questionnaire Below (and please email us photos of your store space)
  2. We will get back to you within 2-3 days to review your goals, quote our fee and schedule your 1.5 hr training session (date/time).
  3. Please note: The Course Fee must be paid in full prior to the Zoom call or on-site visit (we accept e-transfer and all major credit cards).
  4. Your course materials (workbook, recipe book) will be mail out to you. We encourage you to complete the practice exercises prior to our meeting and come prepared with specific questions.
  5. We look forward to meeting you at your consult + training session.


Add-on VIP Member Services:

Virtual Shopping Assistant–  If you plan on purchasing our raw ingredients, we can help you shop! Let us take care of the entire shopping list from our Raw Ingredients Shop.  As a VIP member, you are entitled to 30% off our ingredients for 1 year.  Personal Shopper fee $125/hr

Mixology Training & Advisory –Once your bar is set-up and you’re ready to go, we can provide ongoing mixology training for you and your team.  For training and advisory, all ingredients must be Nuworld Botanicals. Virtual $250/hr.  On-site $350/hr .

Set-Up and Organization: Do you need help organizing and setting up your bar? From containerizing the ingredients to labelling the jars to organizing the shelves, once everything has arrived, we can help with the set up. On-site only $550/hr.  Pricing may vary depending on project scope and location. Must have purchased Nuworld Botanicals raw ingredients for this service.

Bar Design Services: For those who need help with design, space planning and planograms. Pricing starts at $350/hr.



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