A La Carte: Aloe After-Sun Gel

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Aloe After-Sun Gel: Made with pure aloe vera gel and nourishing plant oils.  Cooling and soothing to the touch this gel is the perfect post-sun remedy.  Aloe vera contains the natural compound aloin which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. ‌Aloe vera is useful specifically for treating sunburns.   Add our refreshing flavour drops like green apple, cucumber and watermelon.   Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.  Alcohol-free, SLS-free.  How to Use:  Massage over clean face as needed.

Time to craft: About 15 minutes

CREATE THIS PRODUCT A LA CARTE IN-STORE.  Our A La Carte service is great for small groups (less than 5 people). A La Carte is pay per item. Make whatever products you want (as many products as you wish) in your 50 min session with our Skincare Chef.  You are also welcome to come back same day to pick up products that might take a little longer.  Call to make your A La Carte reservation: 905.338.3259.

Not local? Not a problem! Just call our store and we'll happily make this product fresh for you, customized with your preferred ingredients.

Size: 50 ml pink airless

Active Ingredients: Sunflower oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, colour and flavour drops