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Create a Room to Feel Good In!

Infuse a Zen-like ambiance into your living space with the help of Jasmine Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (by Stadler Form). Jasmine uses modern ultrasonic technology to transform water and essential oils into an ultra fine mist to help improve the air you breathe while balancing your mood.  Lightweight and easily portable, she’s ideal for the home, office or travel.

Did you know: Aroma Diffusion by advanced ultrasonic technology boasts multifunctional benefits:

  • Purifies the Air- A great way to naturally neutralize indoor odours, combat air borne bacteria, reduce dust in the air and improve the quality of the air you breathe.
  • Increases ‘Feel Good’ Negative Ions- Functions as an Ionizer by releasing negative ions into the air (‘feel good’ ions or “air vitamins”) which combat harmful positive ions.  This helps to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, improving our breathing, strengthening our immune system and boosting our mood.
  • Nourishes the Skin- Gently releases tiny droplets of water vapour (moisture) into the air which is highly beneficial for our skin.

Learn more about How to Transform Your Everyday into Moments of ZEN.  Here are 6 Zen Rituals for you to try at home.

Active Ingredients: Specifications • Up to 21 hours running time • Diffuses rooms up to 535 sq ft (50 square meters) • Easy handling- Interval mode (10 minutes on/ 20 minutes off) • Automatically shuts off when water empties, giving you peace of mind • Easy to use (just fill with water and add Everyday Zen essential oils) • Compact and portable- Dimensions: 5.1” W x 3.5” H x 5.1” D • Lightweight (0.9 Ibs) Jasmine Aroma Diffuser by Stadler Form Stadler Form specializes in the development, manufacture of household appliances with a focus on the field of air treatment and improving indoor air quality. Stadler designs and develops the appliances in Switzerland in collaboration with Swiss Designers. Stadler products have been internationally recognized with several design awards.