Scalp Detox Bar (Honey)

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Just like your hair, your scalp needs a deep clean too. Foster a healthy scalp and head of hair with our DIY Scalp Detox Bars and help control flaking, scaling and itching on the scalp with our raw botanical ingredients (no chemicals!). The bar deeply cleanses the scalp and hair, eliminating bacteria and dead skin cells responsible for flaking, scaling and itching. Made with toxin-eliminating bamboo charcoal, deeply cleanses and de-gunks the scalp. White kaolin clay, to create a clean and stable canvas. An anti-bacterial Honey to destroy dirt & grime. Raw Loofah to unclog hair follicles and balance our natural oils and scalp pH. And lemon and lime essential oils for natural aroma and antibacterial - cleansing properties.

Made to order fresh at our Oakville store

Size: 2 x 35 g

Active Ingredients: Made with honey, white kaolin clay, bamboo charcoal, loofah exfoliant, lemon and lime essential oil.