Superfood Bronzing Setting Powder: Bronze

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Warm up your skin with our new bronzing setting powders.  Made with raw organic superfood ingredients packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants-- your skin will look, feel and be healthier!

100% raw/vegan/organic

Sold with or without the bamboo powder brush-- please select your option in the drop down menu.

How to Use:

Tap a powder brush into the bronzer than sweep it along your cheekbones and around the perimeter of your face, like your temples and forehead—basically all the places where the sun typically hits. If you like a sculpted look, you can also run the brush along the edge of your jawline to define it. The key to a natural bronze is to blend it out—and then blend some more. Blend in small, gentle circles to diffuse the harsh lines and fade the product for a seamless finish. Try adding warmth to your nose, chin, and neck, shoulders and collar bone.

Active Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, organic coconut powder, cocoa extract, bamboo leaf extract, extract, goldenberry extract, bentonite clay, bronze mineral mica powder*. * sustainably sourced