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Let's go candle lovers!

Our DIY Aromatherapy Wood Wick Candle Kit offers a fun and easy way to make your own hand-poured aromatherapy wellness candles at home, with ease and confidence.

Makes: 1 x 7 oz  coconut-soy wax candle, in a beautiful modern glass vessel with bamboo lid.

🌿 Breathe in 100% organic therapeutic grade essential oils and purify your living space!

🌿 Listen to the soft soothing sound of the cracking wood wick

🌿 Vegan, clean burning all-natural wax blend of coconut and soy

🌿 FSC certified wooden wick, sustainable and renewable source

🌿 Slow, even burn; excellent hot throw

🌿 Classic modern glass vessel available in an array of colours (see photos for options)

🌿 Eco-chips to colour your wax (see photos)

🌿 An array of crystals to choose from  (see photos)

This DIY Kit includes:

  • 1 x 7oz candle vessel (your choice)
  • natural coconut-soy wax
  • therapeutic-grade essential oils (your choice)
  • 1 x crackling wood wick
  • 1 x wick clip
  • 1 x wick sticker
  • 5 x small ethical crystals for a beautiful accent (your choice)
  • 2 x coloured eco dye chips (your choice)
  • 1 x Wooden honey comb stick
  • Candle Care Instructions + Tips
  • Recipe card with directions

Everything comes pre portioned wrapped in eco bags made from plants.  If you are local, we recommend popping into our Oakville store for even more essential oil options!

Kitchen tools required: A double boiler, a Pyrex (or candle pitcher to safely pour wax into the vessel) and a thermometer to check your wax temps.

Candle Care: Allow 72 hours for your candle to cure before lighting. Trimming your wick is key (see candle care sheet included for instructions). We recommend using Wick Trimmers and a Candle Snuffer to extend the life of your luxurious candle.  Sold separately.

DIY Raw Candle Recipe Book-- Get the Recipes, Formula Chart, Pro-tips and more!