5-pc Aromatherapy Skincare & Wellness Box

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Enjoy 5 of your favourite Aromatherapy Personals products in this Spring Box!  Choose all of the same blend, or mix and match your favourites

Every box includes: ⁣⁣⁣⁣
✅ 1 x Multi-Oil for Body, Bath and Hair ($35)
✅ 1 x Mineral Bath Soak ($20)
✅ 1 x Mineral Body Scrub ($25)
✅ 1 x Roll-on (value $18)
✅ 1 x Borage Oil Hand & Butter (value $20)

Comes in a beautiful, reusable decorative box ⁣- all boxes are different.

 (value $125+).

⁣⁣⁣⁣Please message us immediately after check-out with your product selections (or we will surprise you)!  You can choose all of one blend or mix and match aromatherapy blends. We offer the following blends:

✅ Anxiety Relief- available in all products
✅ Stress Relief- available in all products
✅ Sweet Dreams- available in all products
✅ Meditation- available in all products
✅ Anxiety Relief- available in all products
✅ Aphrodisiac- available in all products

✅ Mental Clarity- only available in a scrub, multi-oil and roll-on
✅ Jet Lag- only available in a soak and scrub and roll-on
✅ Crave Control- only a roll-on
✅ Sports Therapy- available in a scrub or soak or roll-on
✅ Sinus-Headache- only the roll-on