Nuworld Botanicals™ DIY Raw Skincare Recipes 2: From our Store to your Kitchen!

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Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipes 2: From Our Store To Your Kitchen! (The Superfood Edition)


**BREAKING NEWS**:  This book (my second) has been picked up by the same NYC Publisher and is slated to be published spring 2024!  That means, more distribution access for my friends across the globe which I'm so thrilled about.  For now, you can get a copy from my Oakville store, or purchase online right here (we only ship across Canada and to the USA).

Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipes 2 is both a retail recipe book and DIY How-to Guide for the DIYer who wants to experiment with raw superfood skincare making at home. Natalie’s DIY methods are modern, simple, easy and effective. In this book, Natalie shares 50 of her favourite superfood recipes for glowing skin. The book includes a handy how-to guide on natural plant source AHAs and vitamins,  and a superfood colour guide for product design inspiration. Natalie also shares her pro-tips and techniques, and at-home skincare rituals. Perfect for retail product development.

This book is packed with beautiful photography featuring quick and easy recipes you can easily create in your own home kitchen. Whether it’s for professional use or home use, her recipes are always retail-ready. You can find the high-quality ingredients Natalie uses on her website at Pop into Natalie’s flagship Oakville store and create with her! Natalie's Masterclass is available on Udemy dot com for those wanting to kick-start their own  dream skincare business.

Featuring all-new Luxurious Organic Superfood Recipes and Chapters:

  • Kitchenware: Simple and modern kitchenware, bakeware, tools and accessories.
  • How-to Guide: Streamlining Your DIY Pantry- Learn about the top 13 ingredients every DIYer needs and then how to arrange your DIY Pantry like a pro!
  • How-to Guide: Creating Natural Bronzers- It's a system of superfoods and skin tone matching
  • How-to Guide: Natural-Source AHA's and Vitamins-- No, you don't need chemicals to achieve brighter, smoother skin; nature has everything need. Learn about natural source ingredients you can substitute for chemicals.
  • How-to Guide: The Easy Melt and Pour Method-- No cold-process soap for me. I like my soap making to be quick, easy and safe and chemical free.  Learn how you can create innovative soap bars and designs.
  • The Superfood Colour Guide:  Beautiful photography features superfood ingredients by colour tone to lend inspiration for your product development.  From blues and greens to pinks and reds to yellows and neutrals.
  • Self-Care Rituals: At-home skincare rituals you must try! And then re-create the recipes for yourself.
  • DIY Superfood Skincare Recipes- With a focus on natural AHAs, BHAs, Vitamins and HAs
  • DIY Superfood Haircare Recipes- From our creamy honey conditioner to our luxe blue mask to our raspberry protein repair cream the goal is healthy, strong hair.
  • DIY Superfood Bronzer Recipes- Superfoods for glow-up bronzers, highlighters and lip glosss...oh yes!
  • DIY Superfood Bodycare Recipes-- From baked bath bombs and shower melts to body creams and butters, you can easily re-create these recipes in under 30 minutes from scratch.

180-page full colour paperback book, glossy; self-published by Natalie Cascella, Nuworld Botanicals. Available at or at Nuworld Botanicals, 118 Thomas Street, Oakville Ontario Canada.

About the Author: Natalie Cascella

Natalie Cascella is the CEO and founder of Nuworld Botanicals and author of Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare
Recipes. Natalie has spent the last decade successfully growing her natural skincare brand by selling into major retail
stores including Whole Foods Market, The Shopping Channel and Chapters Indigo.  Natalie has a business degree in Marketing and has spent the majority of her career working for Fortune 500 companies before leaving her corporate life in 2015 to purse entrepreneurship full time. Her flagship retail store is located in Downtown Oakville and features a unique concept in DIY natural skincare and candle making. Her mission today is to inspire and empower people of all ages to take control over the ingredients in their skincare.  Natalie can be found teaching DIY Skincare Workshops and Masterclasses at her Oakville store.

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