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Organic Loofah Shower Cleansing Oils

Bye bye harsh soaps and chemicals! These nourishing organic shower oils are perfect for cleansing, hydrating and exfoliating the skin.  All in one!

  • Made with Fractionated Organic Coconut oil-- a Vitamin E rich moisturizer and skin softener (note: fractionated coconut oil is naturally unscented and these oils do not smell like coconut).
  • Loofah does it's magic to gently remove  dead skin cells to show smoother brighter skin.
  • Organic essential oils are added for the Aromatherapy aroma and antioxidant benefits.

Available in 3 essential oil blends. Enjoy the transforming aroma of...

Blue Tansy (calming):  Blue Tansy Essential oil is a powerhouse anti-inflammatory making this shower oil perfect for inflamed, itchy, dry skin types even eczema and acne.  This shower oil smells 100% like Blue Tansy the essential oil which is from the chamomile family.  The aroma of Blue Tansy is calming; perfect for winding down before bed.

Coffee (invigorating): Coffee Essential oil is a powerhouse antioxidant perfect for improving skin tone and texture and stimulating circulation and collagen production (skin elasticity).  Coffee essential oil oil smells 100% like gourmet coffee.  It also has a touch of organic coffee grinds for added exfoliation. This scent is perfect for invigorating the mind and body.

Lemongrass (stress-busting).  Lemongrass Essential oil is a powerhouse anti-bacterial antioxidant perfect for oily skin types, acne-prone skin and just general cleansing.  This oil smells 100% like Lemongrass the essential oil.  Lemongrass essential oil is perfect for balancing emotions relieving stress and anxiety.

Add-on Options:  Add-on a Cotton-Organic Shower Cloth for just $10 (reg $18)! Please note: You may receive whichever colour cloth what we have remaining in stock. We cannot guarantee colours as shown.

Size: 120 ml

Active Ingredients: Blue Tansy-Coconut Loofah Oil: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Loofah Natural Exfoliant, Blue Tansy essential oil. Coffee-Coconut Loofah Oil: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Loofah Natural Exfoliant, Coffee grinds, Coffee essential oil. Lemongrass-Coconut Loofah Oil: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Loofah Natural Exfoliant, Lemongrass essential oil.