Eucalyptus (China) Essential Oil 10ml

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Our Organic Eucalyptus essential oil is extracted through steam-distillation of woods and leaves from the Eucalyptus tree.

Skincare Benefits:
• Powerful antiseptic
• Reduces inflammation, heals skin irritation
• Spot treatment for acne
• Relaxes sore muscles
• Helps ward off itchy scalp, dandruff
• Stimulates hair follicles

Effect on Overall Well-being:
• Stimulates immunity
• Relieves common respiratory problems, such as colds, nasal congestion, flu
• Stimulates mental activity
• Cooling, refreshing effect

Applications: Diffuser: Add a few drops to your aroma diffuser, breathe in and improve your overall well-being. Topical: For use on skin, dilute very well before use. Add a few drops to any of our cold-pressed carrier oils and use as nourishing body/massage oil, hair/scalp treatment oil or bath oil. DIY: Makes a wonderful addition to any DIY natural skincare project.

Blends well with: Lavender, Lemon, Frankincese, Spearmint, Rosemary.

Size: 10 ml

Cautions: Dilute first before topical use. For external use only, do not ingest. Contact with eyes should be avoided. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use.

Shelf life: This ingredient should be stored in a dark container, away from direct sunlight and has a shelf-life of 2 year when stored properly.

Active Ingredients: 100% pure organic Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) oil