2-pc Superfood Scalp & Shower Clay Bar Holiday Set

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Buy 1 Get 1! This 2-in-1 scalp and shower bar is made with mineral clays and superfoods to detox and cleanse your scalp on the one side, and moisturize and hydrate your skin using the other side.  Use in the shower.  We have three bars, so choose your favourite TWO bars for this holiday set.

This holiday gift set includes 2 bars (wrapped in eco-bags):

Spirulina Green Clay + Aloe Bar- Detoxifying and purifying; ideal for oily skin and scalp. Made with green spirulina and aloe superfood powder and aloe leaf juice. Scent: Eucalyptus.

Pineapple Yellow Clay + Honey Bar- Great for all skin and scalp types; soothing with anti-bacterial properties. Made with real honey, honey powder and pineapple superfood powder. Scent: Grapefruit essential oil.

Pomegranate Pink Clay + Shea/Mango Bar- Hydrating; reduces irritation and inflammation; ideal for dry itchy skin and scalp. Made with organic pomegranate powder. Scent: Rosewood essential oil.

Size: 140 g bars. Vegetable-based. SLS free. Chemical and Fragrance Free.

Active Ingredients: Spirulina Green Clay + Aloe Bar-  Made with vegetable glycerin, aloe leaf juice, French green clay, green spirulina, aloe superfood powder, eucalyptus essential oil. Pineapple Yellow Clay + Honey Bar- Made with vegetable glycerin, yellow clay, honey, honey powder, pineapple superfood powder, Grapefruit essential oil. Pomegranate Pink Clay + Shea/Mango Bar- Made with shea, cocoa, mango butters, vegetable glycerin, organic pomegranate powder, french pink clay, Rosewood essential oil.