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Buy One, Get One DIY Body Scrub Kit!

Our DIY Salt-Balm Scrub Kit is a quick and easy way to learn how to make our famous body scrubs! This kit comes with ultra-fine Dead Sea mineral salt that will naturally exfoliate dry, dead skin while replenishing the body with lost minerals. One of our fresh whipped balms for ultra-hydration, a botanical extract for skin-nourishing vitamins and an essential oil for natural aroma.

Each DIY Salt-Balm Scrub Kit includes:

  • 250g Scrub Jar
  • 300g Dead Sea Salt (fine)
  • 10ml Carrier Oil (fractionated Coconut oil- note, fractionated coconut oil does not smell like coconut, it is unscented)
  • 30g Balm*
  • ΒΌ tsp Guava Fruit Extract
  • 5ml Essential oil* (diluted in Safflower oil)

*Choose your balm and essential oil combo from the drop down list.