2pc Skincare Holiday Gift Set (Vitamin C and Opal)

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This 2pc skincare holiday gift set includes our signature Cold-pressed Organic Vitamin C face oil and Opal facial roller.

Our signature house blend, this balancing oil is perfect for all skin types- dry, oil, normal, mature and sensitive.  A vitamin-rich blend of Jojoba, Rosehip, Meadowfoam, Safflower and Sea buckthorn oil.  This blend is very rich in carotenoids and beta-carotene from the Sea buckthorn berry and will add a slightly bronzed glow to your skin! Organic cold-pressed and hand-bottled small-batches at our Raw Skincare Bar to guarantee freshness.

Opal Facial Roller, promotes blood circulation and restores skin radiance, firmness, elasticity and lifts tired eyes. It smooths out puffy eyes and crow's feet, frown lines & wrinkles. It also improves neck wrinkles and lifts droopy skin and circulation for glowing skin.

To Use: Massage gently into face and neck day and night on clean skin. Highly concentrated and should be used sparingly. Follow with our moisturizing balm or use alone. Then follow up with our facial roller, thus helping the product to absorb deeply into the skin, while giving the bar the slip it needs to move across your skin (do NOT use on dry skin).

Size: 30ml

**Velvet travel pouch included.