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Buy One, Get One DIY Lip Balm Kit

Learn how to make vegan lip balms!  Each kit makes 4 lip balms (3 hydrating and 1 exfoliating).  So that means you'll make EIGHT Lip Balms with this gift set!

Our vegan lip balms are made with raw Shea and Cocoa butters to nourish, protect and repair lips.  Candelilla wax is a vegetable wax often used as a viable substitution for beeswax, which is great for vegan lifestyles. Candelilla wax is rich in nutrients and easily absorbed into the skin while creating an instant barrier to prevent moisture loss. Hemp seed oil and olive oil soothe and hydrate while delivering free radical protection.  Watermelon extract is a natural exfoliator, rich in vitamin C and amino acids. This kit makes 3 hydrating lip balms and 1 exfoliating lip scrub.

Each Lip Balm Kit includes:

  • 18 g shea butter
  • 2 g cocoa butter
  • 2 g extra virgin coconut oil
  • 3 g candelilla wax
  • 5 ml oil blend (organic olive + hemp seed + vitamin e)
  • 1/8 tsp watermelon extract
  • 4 lip balm tubes with label

*Essential oils sold separately.  Check out our range of pure and organic therapeutic-grade eo's. Lip balm tray sold separately. While supplies last.


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