Fresh Holiday Scalp Care: ROSEMARY HAIR GROWTH OIL

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Enjoy our fresh-batch Rosemary Essential Oil Scalp Oil Treatment this holiday season.

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This product is truly an effective 100% natural remedy for hair loss and hair re-growth.   Improves both hair thickness and encourages hair growth in about 90 days. Handcrafted daily in small batches with SIX raw, organic specialty oils. This light-textured-oil is easily absorbed (scalp massager recommended to really work this product into the scalp and stimulate hair follicle circulation).

Hero Ingredient: Rosemary Organic Essential Oil

🌱 Studies show that using rosemary essential oil in your hair overnight promotes hair growth and stimulates hair follicles.

🌱A clinical study showed that Rosemary is equally as effective as Minoxidil (a popular hair regrowth treatment) in promoting hair growth.

🌱 Scalp-itching is a common side effect of minoxidil, so rosemary oil could be a better option for people with a history of allergies or skin irritation.

🌱It improves circulation in the area, which can lead to cellular turnover and growth. As an added bonus, it's also anti-inflammatory, and because inflammation plays a big role in a lot of hair loss conditions, like central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) or alopecia areata, it can be a helpful tool in managing and treating those issues.

🌱Can further help inhibit hair shedding and encourage growth.

Other Key Ingredients:

Rice Bran Oil: Contains an abundance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and vitamins E and K.  Penetrates the hair cuticle to add and seal in moisture and repair damaged strands, smoothing frizz and flyaways.

Moringa Oil: Moringa oil has built a strong reputation for promoting natural hair growth due to the high content of key nutrients such as vitamins A, B, E and zinc. Moringa oil is packed with zinc, which helps boost keratin production to make up for the deficiency as you get older. Helps to moisturize the scalp, seal split ends, protect hair color against harmful UV rays, strengthen follicles, and boost

Broccoli Seed Oil: Delivers a moisture-boost and imparts a radiant looking shine to your locks.

Cherry Seed Oil: It contains oleic acid which helps in making your hair thicker, faster and stronger. Moreover, it also helps in preventing dandruff.

Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil has methanol content in it which has a cooling effect and provides relief from itchiness. In a study, 34 participants reported a decrease in the itchiness, dryness, and redness of the scalp after applying eucalyptus oil.


Directions for use: The secret to this products' effectiveness is frequency and duration.  Massage 2-3 droppers full of oil onto clean scalp (wet or dry) and massage onto affected area on the scalp. Leave in for for several hours (preferably over night for faster results). Wash out. Do this several times per week.  See noticeable results in 90 days.


Size: 30 ml with dropper

Active Ingredients: Rice Bran oil, Moringa oil, Cherry Seed oil, Rosemary oil, Broccoli seed oil, Eucalyptus oil