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Our DIY soap making kits offer a quick and easy way to make 100% natural, SLS-free, vegetable based soaps and cleansing bars at home! Our Soothing Aloe Bar kit offers a natural way to gently soothe and calm delicate and sensitive skin including redness, eczema, inflammation and acne. Aloe Vera is extremely soothing and calming to the skin. Chamomile extract posses many powerful skin properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidants.  White Kaolin clay gently detoxifies and purifies the skin. Jojoba beads provide mild exfoliation.  Blue Tansy (sold separately) is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory from the Moroccan chamomile family.  Makes 2 x 70g soap bars.

Recipe Instructions:


This DIY Kit includes:

145 g aloe soap base

¼ tsp white kaolin clay

¼ tsp chamomile botanical extract

¼ tsp jojoba beads

2 x 70 g silicone mold shapes

*blue tansy essential oil diluted in fractionated coconut oil sold separately (5 ml required for this kit)


1. In a double boiler or microwave, gradually melt soap base.

2. while waiting for the soap base to melt, sprinkle half of jojoba beads into the silicon molds.

3. Once melted, mix in the clay and botanical extract.

3. Transfer to a beaker or Pyrex. At this point you could add in your essential oils, like blue tansy essential oil(optional).

5. Then, evenly pour mixture into the 2 molds.

6. Sprinkle jojoba beads on top of each mixture.

7. Pop in the fridge for about 25 minutes to set faster.

8. Allow your cleansing bar to solidify thoroughly before using.

Get These DIY Ingredients:

Fresh from our Aromatherpy & Raw Skincare Bar….

Melt & Pour Soap Bar- Aloe Vera 145g

Melt & Pour Soap Bar- Aloe Vera 145g


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Chamomile Extract -Powder 100g

Chamomile Extract -Powder 100g


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Clays - Kaolin White 100g

Clays - Kaolin White 100g


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Jojoba Beads Natural Exfoliant 50g

Jojoba Beads Natural Exfoliant 50g


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Blue Tansy - 100%  (Morocco) Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Blue Tansy - 100% (Morocco) Pure Essential Oil 10ml


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Instructional Video:

Nuworld Botanicals Recipe: DIY Soothing Aloe Soap Bar Kit

A quick and easy video recipe on how to make our soothing Aloe soap bars. DIY Soap Making Kits are available online or in-store.

Posted by Nuworld Botanicals on Wednesday, September 19, 2018