The Blending Bar: The Ultimate Customer Experience!

A splash of citrus? A drop of vanilla? A pinch of seaweed extract? Check out The Blending Bar, by Nuworld Botanicals and design your very own custom body, bath and skincare product made with all-natural and organic ingredients hand-selected by you. Your fresh ingredients are instantly whisked into your own personalized blend by The Blending Bar’s Mixologists. 

Mississauga, Canada- This spring, Nuworld Botanicals launched it’s newest concept The Blending Bar, Famously Fresh!™   The Blending Bar is serving up a number of freshly blended signature items including a Shea Ultra-Body Butter, Mineral Bath Soak, Soy Balm and Mineral Mud mask.  Customers choose from a menu of personalized add-ons, including naturally active plant-based extracts and a complete range of organic scents from the Scentini Bar™.  (for those with scent sensitivities, you can easily take-home a naturally unscented organic blend).  “At Nuworld Botanicals, we recognize that women today are looking past traditional one-size-fits-all beauty formulations, and are turning to brands that can create custom blends made just for them”, says Natalie Cascella. 

The Blending Bar offers a highly personalized, interactive and fun shopping experience.  “We even maintain records of every client’s signature blend so they can re-order their favorite blends again and again”, says Natalie.

At the Scentini Bar™ you will discover your favorite scent. With over forty certified organic scents like Jasmine, Bergamot and Sandalwood, a variety of famous House Blends and a ‘fun + flirty’ range including Pina Colada and Margharita, there is definitely something for everyone. Your choice of any three scents are included in your custom blend.

Another notable feature at The Blending Bar is the full range of Botanical Boosters™. “We have over thirty Botanical Boosters (extracts) for you to choose from”, says Natalie. “Botanical extracts contain essential minerals, vitamins,  minerals and enzymes and make the perfect add-on ingredient to boost the therapeutic benefits to your skin”, Natalie said.  “When building your custom organic clay mask for example, you would select those Botanical Boosters that cater to your specific skin concern, like Ginseng Root to brighten dull complexions or Olive Leaf extract to treat acne…or both”, says Natalie.  Add any three Botanical Boosters to build the perfect blend.

At The Blending Bar, ‘we do it differently’. This is a unique shopping experiece that you won’t want to miss.

What’s Next

Our mission is to establish The Blending Bar as the most convenient destination for custom-blended natural and organic bodycare and skincare products served in a hip, friendly and environmentally sustainable atmostphere. The core of The Blending Bar is all about our passion to deliver the freshest handcrafted blends to go, ready to be taken home to re-create the spa experience.

 Our Target Partner  Our team has worked extremely hard to create a system for The Blending Bar that can be easily scaled and replicated.  We have addressed all areas of the custom-blending business model including best-in-class service, premium quality, marketing and buzz creation.

Our goal is to expand throughout Canada and the USA by teaming with passionate partners who share in our mission to deliver personalized customer experiences while maintaining the highest quality of service and style.

If you are a spa, boutique, hotel or department store looking to drive revenue, attract new customers, win back market share and differentiate yourself from the competition, The Blending Bar could just be the perfect complimentary addition to your existing retail space.


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