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Written by Liz Thompson

Aromatherapy is one truly beneficial indulgence most of us don’t make time for. Afterall, you do have to know what you are doing, like which essential oils work for what ailment, how to mix and use them and which to stay away from. Essentials oils are very potent and it is not wise to throw caution to the wind when using them, as some are skin irritants and over doing it can be toxic. That said, the right ones can go a long way toward good physical and mental health.

Nuworld Botanicals has come to our aromatherapy rescue with Aromatherapy Personals, little rollerball vials that combine aromatherapy and acupressure, along with health benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and 100% certified organic essential oils. Nuworld Botanicals uses a base of 100% certified organic Jojoba oil to dilute the essential oils for safe use.

The perfectly stash-able roll-ons can be tossed in your purse, gym bag or desk drawer and with 11 scent combinations to choose from, can come to your aid for everything from anxiety relief and craving control to a sweet dreamy night’s sleep. Simply massage the rollerball onto pulse points, like wrists, temples, insides of elbows and back of neck.

Energy Boost with its minty, eucalyptus scent is refreshing and perfect for your morning wakeup call or mid-afternoon slump. Immune Boost smells fresh and clean and is packed with Tea Tree oil which is a powerful immune stimulant. Perfect for the late spring cold season.

With all of the social happenings and end-of-school events that May brings, it can be stressful and hard to focus. Mental Clarity is an earthy blast of basil, lemon and grapefruit to help with mental concentration. Stress Relief helps to ease tension and boost your mood with citrus, bergamot and just a hint of patchouli.

Jet Lag Relief, with nutmeg, ginger, peppermint and clove, smells good enough to use even when you are feeling fine and nothing beats the pure scent of lavender in Anxiety Relief.

Choose the appropriate Aromatherapy Personals roll-on for what ails you, or simply pick you favorite scent combination. The aroma is long lasting and nontoxic.

All eleven scents are mild and wearable, even for those with scent-issues, and the convenient size and borderline addictive nature of the little bottles make Aromatherapy Personals an easy and rewarding way to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily living.

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