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Written by Liz Thompson

You know how the idea of aromatherapy seems so indulgent and pampering and healthy? Yet most of us never get around to actually doing it. It always seems so technical and time consuming, like acupuncture or ear candling. And it is a science. You certainly should not start rubbing yourself down with essential oils unless you know exactly what you are doing. Pure essential oils are very potent, and can even be toxic when used improperly, which is why makers of aromatherapy products who know what they are doing use a base oil and choose the appropriate oils for each aromatherapy need.

Enter Nuworld Botanicals Aromatherapy Personals($17). This cool new line out of Canada was created by Natalie Cascella and includes 11 unique aromatherapy blends, packaged in convenient little rollerball vials for on the go aid. Each combines aromatherapy and acupressure, along with health benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and 100% certified organic essential oils. Nuworld Botanicals uses a base of 100% certified organic Jojoba oil to dilute the essential oils for safe use.

After seeing Aromatherapy Personals on my friend Stancie’s blog, I could not wait to try them out for myself. Natalie sweetly sent me the whole line with which to indulge myself and I honestly had to keep myself from rolling them all on at once. They smell wonderful, yet subtle and very wearable (even for a headache-prone person, like me) and the whole mind-body connection that you get from each signature blend is sort of addictive.

I decided to really get into and set up an aromatherapy regimen to really get a sense for the scents. Energy Boost is my morning go-to, even before my cup of coffee. The fresh citrusy scent clears out the cobwebs and stokes your fire. OK, with the kids off to school I roll on a little Mental Clarity, this one smells very earthen, like you are laying in an herb garden. It does seem to help me focus and get down to biz.

My very, very favorite of the line are (no coincidence) Stress Relief and Anxiety Relief. Stress Relief includes citrus, bergamot and a tiny bit of patchouli (honestly, more spicy than hippie) and Anxiety Relief is pure lavender with a hint of sweet orange and rosewood (probably my favorite scents in the world mixed into one). Combined these two are my new signature scent and I wear them daily, stressed or not.

Crave Control does actually seem to stave off a craving for sweets (which is no small feat) and this is probably due to its clean, fruity scent. And Immune Boost will be put to good use next cold season.

The little roll-ons are stashed in my bag – Jet Lag Relief, bedroom – Meditation, but should probably be Aphrodisiac, at my desk — Mental Clarity and in my dressing room. They all smell great and will last a good long time. Do something good for yourself today and invest in a little mental health via aromatherapy.

About Liz Thompson Liz Thompson is founder and editor of online directory of organic beauty products which are free from harmful ingredients. Liz is dedicated to safety in cosmetics, researching and writing on the hazards of chemical/synthetic ingredients in the products we use on our bodies, and strives to do her part for the environment.

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