Several of the celebrities we met at TIFF came out to our store in Oakville to mix it up at the bar with us, and here’s what they had to say! Many thanks to our awesome photographer David of Ndba Production.

  • isabel lahela applying face oil
  • isabel lahela making a custom mask
  • isabel lahela with finished custom toners
  • “Nuworld Botanicals is the secret to my clear skin!! Skincare is something I don’t ever talk about because I’ve dealt with my fair share of acne and was always embarrassed about it. I was getting cystic acne and developing acne scars all of a sudden during university. I never had bad skin as a teenager and it came out of nowhere! I took antibiotics for my skin for 2 whole years….and then did accutane for 10 months straight (which I just got off of this passed June). After stopping all medications, I was still having minor breakouts and it was driving me crazy. Since using Nuworld Botanicals I have seen a major difference in the clarity of my skin. They create custom products to fit your individual skin concerns so you don’t have to spend a fortune on corporate products that you aren’t even sure will work for your skin. I know how hard having acne can be on your confidence and medications are an easy opt out but I encourage you to try all natural products first and spare your body’s general health! Check out Nuworld Botanicals you won’t be disappointed.”
  • Isabel Lahela, Canadian Olympic Weightlifter and National Powerlifting Record Holder



After mixing it up at the bar with our friends Briar Nolet and Myles Erlick, we asked them to share their top skincare tips or advice.

Here’s what they told us:

  • “Drinking water all day long keeps me from drying out . Try to have a water bottle beside me at all times so I’m constantly sipping.”
  • “I have super sensitive so I only use natural organic products on my skin.”
  • “After I train I always try to soak in Mineral Salt Baths.”
  • “Lip balm is my number one go to product . When I’m acting or singing my lips dry out so I always have it with me.”
  • Myles Erlick, Dancer, Singer, The Next Step
  • “Every morning…put a moisturizer on before your make up.”
  • “I drink lots of water throughout the day to keep my skin looking healthy.”
  • “Use a nice face mask twice a week.”
  • “I always carry lip balm in my purse for when my lips get dry throughout the day.”
  • Briar Nolet, Dancer, Model, Actress, The Next Step



  • Logan posing with coconut oil
  • Logan posing with Coffee Salt Balm Scrub alongside her friend.
  • Logan posing with a Mia diffuser and a bottle of essential oil.
  • Logan leaving Nuworld Botanicals Oakville Store with her purchase and a smile on her face.

We had a blast mixing it up at the bar with Logan Fabbro!

Here’s the inside scoop into Logan’s Wellness & Skincare tips and favourite fall things:

  • Aroma Diffusing for Sleep: “As a hard-working university student I love my travel-size Mia Aroma Diffuser by my bedside and I always add a few drops of the organic lavender essential oil to help me unwind and relax at night.”
  • Moisturizing with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: “I LOVE a good organic coconut oil — for my body, face and hair; plus the smell of fresh coconuts is one of my faves.”
  • Natural Perfume: “Vanilla essential oil in a base of cold-pressed organic Jojoba oil is my go-to natural perfume scent… and one I hand-crafted fresh at the Nuworld Aromatherapy bar!”
  • Salt Scrub: “A good salt scrub in the shower helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and hydrate your skin. My face scrub at Nuworld Botanicals is their fresh Coffee Essential Oil Salt-Balm Scrub.”
  • Logan Fabbro, Actress, The Next Step



Here’s what Alexandra Beaton told us about her skincare regimen and her DIY experience with us:

“If you follow me on Instagram then you know I recently went to Nuworld Botanicals to create personalized products that will help my over wellness. I loved my experience with Nuworld because it not only allowed me to get creative but I also came out with some amazing products that will help me in the long run.”

“Below are 3 of my favourite things and why I love them so much:”

  • Coffee Lip Balm: “This is by far my new favourite lip balm, not only does it taste like coffee, one of my favourite things, but it also keeps my lips moisturized as we Canadian head into the winter. Fun fact, they have a variety of flavours if you are not as keen on caffeine as I am.”
  • A Personalized Face Mask: “My skin is incredibly important to me so having the chance to create a product specifically for it was a dream come true, The staff at Nuworld were incredibly knowledgeable and steered me in the right direction when it came to picking the ingredients that would help my problems, like redness and irritability.”
  • Bath Salts: “This is simple, I love baths. So the fact that I could make bath salts that smelled exactly how I wanted was amazing to me.”
  • Alexandra Beaton, Actress, The Next Step

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