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DIY Skincare Workshop Online: Scrub, Face Oil, Butter & Exfoliator

Clear Skin Ahead: Make 4 Natural AHA Skincare Products all from Natural Plant Sources.

At this DIY we’ll be showing you how to incorporate natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) and antioxidants into your skincare routine to exfoliate, smoothen and brighten your complexion. From reducing acne and premature aging to brightening skin to reducing dark spots we’ll be using a combination of natural-source AHA like glycolic acid and citric acid, vitamins A, C, E and K and minerals from the Dead Sea.

This workshop is beneficial for all skin types including: acne-prone skin, sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, scars, fine lines and wrinkles, redness and eczema as ingredients can be customized accordingly.

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DIY Skincare Workshop Online: Creams, Masks, Bars & Exfoliators

Ultra-light whipped vegan body creams (made from scratch), mineral powder masks, solid SLS-free cleansing bars and hydrating creamy exfoliators... this workshop has what you need to get your dry, stress-worn complexion back on track to healthy and glowing! 100% organic and vegan ingredients.

At this online DIY workshop you will learn how to hand-craft 4 Nuworld Botanicals Superfood Skincare products:

-1 x 30g Superfood Mineral Clay Mask (retail value $20)
-1 x 120g Superfood Whipped Vegan Body Cream (retail value $48)
-1 x 30ml Superfood Creamy Exfoliator (retail value $30)
-1 x 70g Superfood Vitamin C Cleansing Bar (retail value $20)

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