Workshop Date: Oct 24, 2016

Start Time: 10:00 am

Introducing a new Spa Ritual at Nuworld Botanicals Oakville: Our Everyday Zen Facial with Holistic Esthetician and Health Coach Solanage Vazquez. This signature, bespoke facial is a whole mind, body, soul experience…perfectly tailored to your unique skin and overall wellness needs through the use of Aromatherapy. We use our small-batch organic ingredients, right from our Raw Skincare Bar (pure essential oils, botanical extracts, natural exfoliants, natural antioxidants, fresh floral waters, mineral clays, cold-pressed carrier oils) and blend your personal facial treatment ingredients fresh each time. We’re excited and proud to have Solanage join our team to offer this specialized bespoke facial treatment. This facial is available on Monday, Oct 24, 2016 (day or evening). To book your appointment, please call our Oakville shop 905.338.3259 or email:

Workshop Location

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