Nuworld Botanicals located in the heart of Downtown Oakville, Ontario Canada (since 2016)

Nuworld Botanicals™ is an experience driven retail store located in Downtown Oakville. Known for their Real Superfood Skincare, guests can create their own vegan skincare, cosmetics and candles on the spot. They offer 2-hour party packages and a 50-minute A La Carte service. Serving all ages, this shop is a dream destination for DIY natural-beauty lovers! 

From their plant-based Lip Gloss and ’10-free’ Nail Polish, to their famous Baked Bath Bombs and Aromatherapy Bubble Candles, there’s something for everyone to make and take.  Choose from their extensive DIY product menu  spanning over 50 original retail product recipes developed by Natalie Cascella.  You can even personalize a makeup bag (duffles and totes) with their wide array of letter patches and  cute bag charms; it’s the perfect compliment to your DIY skincare and cosmetics. Celebrate your birthday in-store at Nuworld Botanicals, or create from their A La Carte menu.  Reservations are required.  Nuworld Botanicals also travels for on-site corporate and school DIY workshops in the local Toronto and Niagara area. Products are made with minimal and real superfood ingredients that gently nourish and hydrate the skin making it ideal for young and sensitive skin.   

Founder Natalie Cascella

About Natalie (Entrepreneur/ Author): Natalie Cascella is the CEO and Founder of Nuworld Botanicals Aromatherapy & Raw Skincare Bar, Author of Nuworld Botanicals DIY Recipe Books and full-time Entrepreneur. She spent the majority of her career (20 yrs) in corporate marketing at Fortune 500 companies including Fedex and Pitney Bowes, before taking the leap into entrepreneurship in 2013.  She started her DIY journey by creating natural skincare products in her home kitchen and landed her products on the shelves of Whole Foods Market stores across Ontario in 2013.  For five years she sold her products in major retail stores and landed a private label deal for eighty Indigo stores nationwide.  Natalie and her sister Lana Marconi have appeared on The Shopping Channel and together they developed and taught a signature 1-Day Skincare Masterclass for five years. This course helped other Skincare Entrepreneurs kick start their very own beauty brand.  Although she no longer teaches this course in person, you can take her course and others, online on Udemy. Natalie has written several DIY recipe books which can be found online at major retailers including Target, Walmart, Indigo, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.   Today, Natalie’s mission is to empower the next generation of beauty enthusiasts. She spends the majority of her time at her Oakville store educating the next generation of natural DIY beauty lovers via her signatural DIY birthday parties and A La Carte sessions.  She travels locally with her team of Skincare Chefs to host Corporate Team Buildings and teaches DIY natural beauty workshops at local High Schools and Colleges.  More on schools and Corporate events here.

Back story: The reason I started making my own natural skincare products was to basically avoid toxic chemicals in mainstream skincare.  After doing my own product label ingredients research (which by the way, a great place for you to start is here: The Dirty Dozen Toxic Chemicals by David Suzuki) I had learnt which ingredients might be the cause of my itchy/dry skin, redness, eczema and even migraines.  I eliminated all toxic ingredients by creating my own clean beauty products. I started with a single ingredient cleansing oil using Jojoba oil and after consistent use (and discontinued use of soapy SLS-filled foaming cleansers) my skin was calm, clear and happy.  I so impressed with results that I went on to develop more skincare products.  I landed my products (over 50 skus) on the shelves of  major national retailers like Whole Foods Market and Indigo.  After seven successful years in retail, I decided it was time to open my concept DIY store , to teach others what I had learnt about natural beauty care.  I opened my first location in 2015 in Oakville (Kerr/Lakeshore) alongside my sister Lana Marconi who practices TCM Acupuncture.  After just one year we had outgrown the space and relocated to heart of Downtown Oakville (current location) to expand the category offerings further. Today you can create over fifty of my very own signature product recipes from skincare to cosmetics to candles.  I hope to create with you soon! Cheers to healthy happy skin, Natalie, xo

Nuworld Botanicals™ is a registered protected trademark. Registration Number 1,140,538. For licensing opportunities, please complete this form.

Natalie’s DIY Skincare Recipe Book #1

Natalie’s DIY Skincare Recipe Book #2 (Superfood Edition)

Natalie’s DIY Candle Making Recipe Book (wood-wick candles)

Natalie’s Mineral Body Scrubs on the shelves of Whole Foods Market, Square One 2013-2020

The start of Natalie’s skincare journey began when she launched over 50 products in Whole Foods Market stores across Ontario (2013-2020).

Natalie’s front isle product display at Whole Foods Square One featuring her aromatherapy Multi-oils, Face Oils, Masks, Roll-ons, Body Scrubs, Bath Soaks.

Natalie’s private label aromatherapy products sold at 80 Indigo stores.

Natalie’s private label product display at Indigo stores included her aromatherapy body oils, skin mists and wellness roll-ons

A private label deal with Indigo that catapulted the brand into 80 Indigo stores.

Natalie and her sister Lana appeared on The Shopping Channel (now TSC)

Natalie live on TSC ‘s Hello Gorgeous segment

Natalie, sister Lana and Host Carrie Olver, making her best-selling DIY scrubs

Natalie’s second major retailer and private label partner

Natalie launched live on TSC

Find her book here!


Her first major retail partner

Find her recipe book here


Find her recipe book online at Walmart

Find her recipe book online here

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