ALL AGES “A LA CARTE”  – Perfect for small groups (1 to 5 guests). Get a 50-minute session with our Skincare Chef and create what you want.

If you have a group of five or less, you can make a reservation to create A La Carte with us (905.338.3259).  A La Carte offers you a 50-minute session with our Skincare Chef to create whatever products you wish.  It’s pay per item. Our A La Carte menu is extensive with over fifty products to make and take.  Some products can be made within 15 minutes, and some you may need to come back to pick up (please browse our online A La Carte menu and make your wish list!).  A La Carte is perfect for all ages (we’ve had kids as young as 3 years old create with us).  Prices start as low as $20 for Donut soap, Hello Kitty soap, Pineapple soap and more.

Please browse our A LA CARTE MENU ahead of time and make your wish list.  Upon arrival you will be asked to create an order form (per person), grab an apron, and then we’ll get you crafting right away!


‘Family’ A La Carte

‘Besties’ A La Carte

Brothers making bath bombs


Benefits and Perks of our A La Carte service:

  • A La Carte is for all ages – Everyone is welcome to create A La Carte. We’ve had guests as young as 3 years old, and yes, boys too!
  • A La Carte is great for small groups ie. mom + daughter, couples, individuals (up to 5 people max)
  • A La Carte is Flexible:
    • Everyone in your group can select their own products to make
    • Make as many products as you want in your session (you have enough time to make up to 4 products)
    • In a hurry? No worries. Some of our quickest-to-craft (and most popular) products take just 15 minutes ie. lip gloss, lip oil, lip scrub)
    • No deposit required to create A La Carte and you can reschedule if need be (please give us a courtesy call)
  • A La Carte has Exclusive Product: Some products are exclusive to our A La Carte guests and cannot be made at our parties:
    • Ombre Hearts Bubble Candle
    • Wood Wick Crackling Candles
    • Rosemary Hair Boost Mist 200 ml
    • Chrome Body Butter and others
  • A La Carte is Pay Per Item–  Set your own budget, prices start as low as $20 for Donut Soap and $24 for our vegan Lip Gloss
  • A La Carte has Perks and Promos:
    • Get 10% off any medium or large-sized nylon makeup bag when you create A La Carte (patches extra)
    • Spend $125 before tax and grab our  TERRY CLOTH SPONGE HEADBAND for just $10 (reg. $25)
    • All guests get a small A La Carte gift
  • A La Carte is Fun: Go ahead and snap some selfies and product pics in our floral telephone booth; this will be a memorable DIY experience knowing that you made your own products (and you know exactly what’s in it).
  • A La Carte Birthday : Celebrating a birthday? Let us know! Receive a special complimentary gift for your bday


Browse our A LA CARTE MENU

A La Carte Promo: Spend $125+ and grab our Sponge Headband for $10 (reg $20)

A La Carte Promo: Get any medium or large-sized makeup for 10% off (patches extra)


Booking an A La Carte Reservation:

1. Reservations are required for A La Carte. Please call 905.338.3259 and let us know your preferred day, time and the number of guests in your group. You do not need to know the products you’ll craft however we now have our menu posted on our website for you to browse.
2. You can browse our A La Carte menu in advance so you have an idea of what you’d like to make so we can get you started right away! Please do show up on time to get the most from your experience and time with us.
3. We’ll have your table reserved and ready to mix at yours scheduled time;  please note there may be other guests seated at the worktable too creating A La Carte as this is not a private party.

No deposit is required for A La Carte, only a reservation. Kindly do let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation.

Make your table reservation for A La Carte Skincare today: 905.338.3259.  You can see all of our  A La Carte menu here and then decide upon arrival.


All Ages A La Carte


Some our of A La Carte guests and their fabulous product creations:


Grey Bubble Candle- nice!

Ombre Hearts Bubble Candle (exclusive to A La Carte)

Wood-wick candle- exclusive to A La Carte  

2-in-1 Nail Art Polish

Personalized Makeup Bag for your DIY cosmetics

Lip Gloss Testing Bar

Yellow sponge head band (promo)


Body Cream

Baked Bath Bombs

Donut Soap

Personalized Duffle

Lip Gloss

Ombre Hearts Bubble Candle- Exclusive to A La Carte

Skin Mist, Nail Polish, Personalized Bag

Make however products you wish

Icecream Mini Soaps

Tinted Lip Oil

Cousins A La Carte

Family A La Carte

Mom and Daughters A La Carte

Ready to bake her Bath Bombs

A happy A La Carte Guest

Ombre Hearts Candle- Exclusive to A La Carte

Wood Wick Candles are Exclusive to A La Carte

Selecting Lip Gloss shades with our Skincare Chef

Mixing Serum

Cute Bubble Candle

Gelato Lip Gloss (Cheek Blush and Eyeshadow)

Bath Bomb Baking

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