Our clay masks are a custom blend of 100% pure mineral clays and raw superfood powder extracts.  Ready to mix as needed.  Store in a cool, dry place.  How to Use: Combine (in a separate bowl) 1 tablespoon of clay mix with fresh water (you can add in a dash of carrier oil, floral water or any kitchen fresh ingredients like yogurt and honey).  Mix to form a thin paste.  Apply a thin layer to your face (avoiding eyes).  Leave for about 5 minutes and remove with a warm wash cloth.  Follow up with any of our steam-distilled floral waters to tone, and cold-pressed facial oils to moisturize.  Use twice a week.

Before you craft your custom mask, you can take our online quiz to help narrow down your ingredients selection:  https://nuworldbotanicals.com/oakville-store/

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Step One: Choose Your Jar Size

Large Clay Mask Jar

Approximately 20+ facial masks in one jar. (120g jar)


Small Clay Mask Jar

Approximately 10-14 facial masks in one jar (60 g jar).


Power Fruit Face Exfoliator

This raw fruit extract power blend contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids and will gently buff away dry skin, cleanse, brighten and invigorate your skin.

Raw Fruit Face Exfoliator


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DIY Custom Mineral Clay Mask Video