Offer the Nuworld Botanicals Aromatherapy & Raw Skincare Bar Experience

A Nuworld Botanicals Licensed Store allows you to offer customers something truly unique, personalized and interactive. From customized skincare and candles, to workshops and private parties, our Licensed Store concept allows you to immerse every customer in the full DIY experience they want and love.

We’re on the lookout for a potential licensee.  Please take a moment to complete the questionnaire.

What do we bring to the partnership table?

  • Increased sales
  • Market share growth
  • New target audience
  • Use of our brands creative assets and IP
  • Credibility and authenticity in the DIY skincare and candle space

Nuworld Botanicals DIY menu, ingredients, packaging, training and support
Signature recipes and methods
Exclusive DIY skincare & candle workshops and private party training
Ongoing expertise, consulting and support

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