Let us bring our popular DIY Aromatherapy + Skincare Workshops to your corporate office, high school or college.  Perfect for corporate team appreciation and wellness events, high school Cosmo students, Esthetician college programs and more.  Serving up to 200 guests.  Local Toronto area and Niagara region.  

Corporate offices we’ve served:

  • Dentons Law Firm (Toronto)
  • BDO (Oakville)
  • BMO Bank of Montreal (Stackt Market, Toronto)
  • Imperial Brands (Mississauga)
  • Goulart Lawyers (Oakville)
  • Fonthill Dentistry (Niagara on the lake)
  • Trillium Health Partners (Toronto)
Schools we’ve served:

  • Niagara College (Niagara on the Lake)
  • St Ignatius of Loyola (Oakville)
  • Phillip Pocock Catholic Secondary School
  • Appleby College, Oakville


Nuworld Botaniacals at Dentons Canada LLP, Toronto

Serving over 100 guests at Dentons Canada LLP, Toronto

Team Denton


Planning your next team appreciation event? We’d love to be there! Let us bring our fun and exciting DIY workshop experience to YOU! Our on-site Corporate DIY workshops are a fun and interactive experience for everyone, with plenty of product options to choose from.  Available in the local Toronto area to the Niagara region.

Corporate workshops are ideal for groups of 25 to 200.  Workshops start at 2 hours and can extend up to a full day of group sessions, depending on your needs and number of guests. Guests can create two DIY organic products of choice.  Ingredients are raw, organic and vegan; fragrance-free and chemical free. We use strictly pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and superfood ingredients.  This is a true wellness experience.

Some awesome corporate clients we’ve had the pleasure of mixing with:

  • Dentons Canada LLP, Toronto (Team Appreciation All-day event, 140 guests)
  • Goulart Workplace Lawyers team building- at Nuworld Botanical
  • Dentistry in the Village team building, at Red Stone Winery (Beamsville Ontario)
  • BMO (Bank of Montreal) community workshop, at the Stackt Market, Toronto
  • BDO team building event, at the BDO head office, Oakville
  • Imperial Brands – at Nuworld Botanicals
  • The Law Society team building via Zoom
  • Trillium Health Partners  (Toronto Congress Health Convention)
  • Slolam Corporate Christmas party (residential home, Oakville)

How it works:

  1. Select 2 DIY items from our proposed DIY menu
  2. We’ll show up with our team of skincare chefs, set up and serve fresh ingredients to mix
  3. Guests will make and take home what they’ve made on that day

Corporate Perks:

  • Complimentary gift for all guests
  • Prize Draw(s)
  • Special Gift Bag for the Event Host

Space Planning/Table Arrangements:

  • Space planning is tailored for each event and is based on the guest count and menu selected.  Typically, you would need to have a few 10 ft tables set up for our arrival .
  • We will bring disposable tablecloths to cover and protect your tables.
  • Please have chairs available for guests to be seated and mix (some products can be made standing, some require seats, let’s review your menu).

Pricing and Policy: Prices start at $60 per person plus tax for two DIY products. Additional fees (which include pre-portioning, set-up, staff, travel, supplies, hosting/ingredients education) starts at $400 per corporate event (2 hrs).  Additional fees apply for additional products and longer one-day sessions. Please note this workshop is entirely customized for your group and so there are no refunds.  Payment is due at least three weeks in advance to secure your event date and allow our team time for preparations.

Here are some popular products to DIY:

  • Mineral Body Scrubs (hands-on fun)
  • Aromatherapy Wellness Roll-ons (super popular!)
  • Superfood Face Mask + Complimentary Vitamin C Face Oil (an unscented product)
  • Aloe Water-Gel Hydration Mask
  • Aloe Water-Gel Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid (vegan)
  • Vegan Lip Gloss
  • Lip Oil (tinted or not)
  • Powder Cheek Blush
  • Perfume Oil in rollerball
  • Vitamin C Face Oil
  • Rosemary Hair Oil
  • Body Butter (extra charges apply)
  • Call to inquire and to set the menu.


Some Corporate Client’s we’ve had the pleasure of mixing with:

Blending Aromatherapy Roll-ons (Dentons Event, Toronto)

Scrub Station at Dentons Canada, Toronto

Serving Dentons Canada team Aromatherapy Roll-ons

Post-event team dinner in Toronto

Dentons Canada team mixing Superfood Masks

Gift Table at Dentons Canada (serving 100+ guests)

Meet your Skincare Chefs

Let’s go!


Imperial Brands

Imperial Brands

Goulart Workplace Lawyers

Goulart Workplace Lawyers

Dentistry in the Village Team at Red Stone Winery (Beamsville ON)

Dentistry Fonthill at Red Stone Winery Workshop

Our Skincare Chef Fretzie

Natalie and Lana with the Fonthill Dentistry Team

Guest trying on our many lip gloss shades (she went for Mahogany!)

DIY Corporate Workshop at Red Stone Winery Summer 2023

Wine tasting with my team

Natalie and Lana at the winery- cheers! xo

Skincare Chef fun at Red Stone

The view

The team, ready to mix at a Private Corporate Holiday Party (Residential Home, Oakville)

Guests made superfood masks and scrubs.

Serving 30 guests a private corporate party (residential)

Our Master Skincare Chefs are ready to mix!

Guests crafting at their own tables (BDO Office Oakville)

Our serving table at BDO Office Oakville– so many ingredients to choose from!

BDO Corporate Office Workshop Set-up

The table is set with an array of superfood ingredients and essential oil options

Your Hosts Natalie and her sister Lana (TCM Acupuncturist, Marconi Acupuncture)

Lana educating clients on the properties of raw ingredients for the skin

Master Skincare Chefs Maria and Pia

Our table set-up at BMO Stackt Market, Toronto

The Balm line-up for Body Scrubs, yum!

Over 80 attendees for this class; everyone mixed at their picnic table

Hello, Toronto we’re here!

BMO guests mixing fresh body scrubs at their table. We supply everything including gloves, disposable table clothes, packaging.



School DIY Workshops 

Are you a teacher looking for a fun and interactive experience for your students?  Let us bring our educational and interactive workshops to your classroom. Students will learn more about the natural beauty industry, skincare and aromatherapy, DIY trends, and of course how to make their own natural products.  Plus, Q + A with Natalie the owner on Entrepreneurship and how to start your own natural beauty brand. We also offer SHSM certificates for Cosmo students.

Local schools we’ve had the pleasure of serving:

  • Niagara College Canada (Niagara on the lake campus): Invited to teach 43 Esthetician students  how to craft custom masks and natural exfoliators for spa clients. Also provided Jade rolling and Gua Sha lessons, plus insight into DIY trends and entrepreneurship.  Perks included discount codes to our online Masterclass and Spa Facial Course on Udemy.  Special thanks to Professor Lisa and Niagara College for welcoming us in.
  • Appleby College, Oakville- We had the pleasure of hosting 14 International students from Appleby College at our store; students crafted donut soap bars, mineral body scrubs, lip scrubs and face masks.
  • St. Ignatius of Loyala, Oakville– A custom DIY workshop making aromatherapy roll-ons for wellness for St Ignatius of Loyal Cosmo classes (Cosmetology Lab- Tech Dept)- both in-store and on-site.
  • Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School, Mississauga— A Certificate Workshop for SHSM Cosmo high school students, spa etiquette and natural skincare making experience.

Natalie teaching Esthetician students at Niagara College

Making superfood masks at Niagara College

Lana teaching TCM beauty at Niagara College

Natalie, Prof Lisa Maurice, Lana

Lana teaching at Niagara College

Making custom masks

Niagara College students practicing Jade Rolling

Natalie and her sister Lana, TCM Acupuncturist

Teaching natural skincare making to Cosmo students Phillip Pocock Catholic Secondary

SHSM Certificate

Making superfood masks

Mixing with eo’s

Learning Skincare Rituals

Making Omega-3 Hair Repair Cream

Ms Mazzotta and her Cosmo Students

Mask time!

Teacher Ms Bailey and student

Appleby College Students

Appleby College Students

Mineral Mask + Strawberry Lip Scrub

Donut Shea Bar with Icing

Choco-Vanilla-Banana Lip Scrub



Students making mineral soaks and roll-ons for wellness

Natalie teaching students about clean non-toxic ingredient options in skincare

Serving Grade 10 and Grade 11 students in the Cosmo Classroom.

Master Skincare Chefs Pia and Maria in the Cosmo Classroom at St Ignatius of Loyola, Oakville

Natalie with Ms. Bonnie (Teacher, St Ignatius of Loyola)

Students with their custom crafted skincare and aromatherapy products. Great work everyone!

After completing the workshop, Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School students received a certificate for SHSM program

St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic High School learning about and crafting natural wellness remedies (Cosmetology Lab Class).


Nuworld Botanicals table at the Aromatherapy Pavillion (Toronto Congress)

Trillium Healthcare professionals waiting to make their custom aromatherapy roll-ons at our table

Serving Aromatherapy Wellness at the Toronto Congress Health Fair

Natalie with Trillium Health Partners Executive


Some clients we have had the pleasuring of blending with: 




Did you know?  Natalie’s recipe books can also be purchased from the following authorized retailers:


wholefoods Whole Foods Market
Austin Macauley Publishers



DYK? We have also done major Private label projects for national retailers including Indigo.   Nuworld Botanicals private label line launched in 80 Indigo stores across Canada.

Our private label aromatherapy body, bath and hair oil in Indigo stores

Our private label aromatherapy roll-ons in Indigo stores

Our collection of private label aromatherapy skincare products on the shelf at a local Indigo store.

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