A La Carte: Pineapple Soap Minis w/ Icing

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Fun Mini Soaps– Create our fun mini soaps A La Carte (not available for parties). Design your own colourful Pineapple soaps, add our pineapple flavour drops and decorate with coconut icing.

Time to craft: About 15 minutes to melt and pour, and 35 minutes to set in our fridge before it can decorated. [Feel free to make other products while this one's setting in the fridge. We always start with melt and pours first.]

CREATE THIS PRODUCT A LA CARTE IN-STORE.  Our A La Carte service is great for small groups (less than 5 people). It's pay per item, make as many products as you wish, in your 50 min session with a Skincare Chef. Call for reservation: 905.338.3259.

Not local? Not a problem! Just call our store and we'll happily make this product fresh for you, customized with your preferred ingredients.

Size: 7  x Pineapple Mini Hand Soaps

Active Ingredients: Shea butter, plant oils, coconut icing, flavour drops