A La Carte: Rosemary Water Hair Boost Mist (travel size)

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Rosemary Water Hair Boost Mist (travel size):  Revitalize your hair health and hair growth. The natural properties found in rosemary water can help with natural hair growth, dry scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff.  Improves total scalp health and strengthens hair.  How to use: Use after shampooing and conditioning hair.  Mist the rosemary water directly over damp scalp and ends and comb through. Leave in, is best.   Breathe in the transforming aroma for an overall sense of well-being (this is pure aromatherapy). Bonus: This product can also be misted over face (skin mist), body to hydrate and refresh.

Time to craft: 10 minutes

CREATE THIS PRODUCT A LA CARTE IN-STORE.  Our A La Carte service is great for small groups (less than 5 people). A La Carte is pay per item. Make whatever products you want (as many products as you wish) in your 50 min session with our Skincare Chef.  You are also welcome to come back same day to pick up products that might take a little longer.  Call to make your A La Carte reservation: 905.338.3259.

Not local? Not a problem! Just call our store and we'll happily make this product fresh for you, customized with your preferred ingredients.

Size: 30 ml

Active Ingredients: Pure Rosemary steam-distilled water