A La Carte: Swirl Lip Butter

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Swirl Lip Butter-Balm (in a Minimalist Pot) -  Our creamiest and most luxurious lip butter balm. Perfect for very dry, chapped, or flaky lips.  Soothing and calming, rich with vitamin E. Mix and match our buttery balms like Aloe butter, Calendula butter and Avocado butter.  Add colour drops to create a swirl effect. Then top it off with our fun flavour drops like Rainbow Sorbet, Bubble Gum, Pink Sugar, Chocolate and more.   Vegan.

Time to craft: About 15 minutes

CREATE THIS PRODUCT A LA CARTE IN-STORE.  Our A La Carte service is great for small groups (less than 5 people). A La Carte is pay per item. Make whatever products you want (as many products as you wish) in your 50 min session with our Skincare Chef.  You are also welcome to come back same day to pick up products that might take a little longer.  Call to make your A La Carte reservation: 905.338.3259.

Not local? Not a problem! Just call our store and we'll happily make this product fresh for you, customized with your preferred ingredients.

Size: 10 g

Active Ingredients: Avocado butter and avocado oil, calendula butter, calendula oil, aloe butter, aloe oil, flavour drops, colour drops