Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipes: From Our Store To Your Kitchen!

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Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipes: From Our Store To Your Kitchen!


A recipe and ingredients information book for the DIY-er who wants to experiment with raw skincare making. Authored by Natalie Cascella, Founder and CEO of Nuworld Botanicals Inc., and Nuworld Botanicals Aromatherapy & Raw Skincare Bar located in Oakville, Ontario Canada.

Natalie shares 45 of her best-selling retail recipes for skincare, haircare, bodycare, make-up and baby. Some recipes are customer favourites she's sold in Whole Foods Market and other major retailers. Alongside the recipes, readers will find a glossary of 80 raw, organic and vegan ingredients she likes to work with. Mix and match ingredients to make each recipe your own.

From superfood powders like pomegranate and chia seed to power greens like spirulina and seaweed, the ingredients she uses will take your skincare routine to the next level. Find them all online at DIY Ingredients Shop. Illustrated with colourful photos of fresh-batch products made daily at her Oakville store.

🌼 Recipes have been tested and proven (7 years in the market and counting!) ⁣⁣
🌼Recipes include customer favorites from leading retailers
🌼Recipes are quick and easy to make, great for personal care
🌼Recipes are retail-ready, suitable for your own natural skincare line
🌼Simple and uncomplicated methods with less than 10 ingredients
⁣⁣🌼Mix and match ingredients to cater to your own skin type and concerns

Details & Specs

Title Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare Recipes: From our Store to your Kitchen!
Format Paperback, 150-pages
Published July 10, 2018
Publisher Nuworld Botanicals Publications
Author Natalie Cascella, CEO and Founder, Nuworld Botanicals Inc.
Language English
ISBN 978-1-9991869-0-6

About the Author

Natalie Cascella is the CEO and founder of Nuworld Botanicals and author of Nuworld Botanicals DIY Raw Skincare
Recipes. Natalie has spent the last decade successfully growing her natural skincare brand by selling into major retail
stores including Whole Foods Market, Chapters Indigo and She has also launched her brand live on Canadian home shopping television channel TSC and makes private label skincare for companies in the natural beauty space.

Natalie has a business degree in Marketing and has spent the majority of her career working for Fortune 500 companies before leaving her corporate life in 2015 to purse entrepreneurship full time. Her flagship retail store is located in Downtown Oakville and features a unique concept in DIY natural skincare making. Her mission today is to empower people of all ages to take control over the ingredients in their skincare. Natalie can be found teaching DIY Skincare Workshops at her Oakville store, hosting Blending Parties for her customers and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs at her Masterclass.