Stress Relief Candle Self-Care Gift Set

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This Stress Relief Aromatherapy luxe candle gift set was designed for pure wellness.

This kit includes:

1 x Stress Relief Aromatherapy Candle (12 0z)

1 x Stress Relief Aromatherapy Roll-on (10 ml)

3 x satin sleep set:

  • Satin pillowcase - Satin fibers are gentle and light and less drying than cotton. Helps contain skin's moisture by allowing your skin to breathe. 
  • Satin Eye Mask - Improves quality of sleep and avoids friction on the skin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Satin Scrunchie - Satin help protect all hair types by minimizes hair breakage and tangle.

Boost your mood and enhance your home living space with our new Aromatherapy Wellness Self-Care Gift Set. Made with 100% raw, real ingredients.

Various colour boxes. Value: $125