Nuworld Botanicals Masterclass for Skincare Entrepreneurs: Workbook

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Now Available! Nuworld Botanicals Masterclass Workbook for Skincare Entrepreneurs

COST: $45 (discounts do not apply to books)

The book does NOT include any recipes, only the business lessons as found on Udemy.

For recipes, we recommend our DIY Raw Skincare Recipe Book.

Spiral bound workbook, b/w, approx 200-pages with mini-assignments.

Chapters include:

01: Natural Skincare Formulation & Ingredients Knowledge
Lesson 01-Introduction to Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
Lesson 02-Holistic care of the skin
Lesson 03-The Dirty Dozen Toxic Chemicals
Lesson 04-Essential Oils by Skin Type
Lesson 05-Hero ingredients in skincare
Lesson 06-Carrier oils for Skincare
Lesson 07-Essential oils vs Carrier Oils
Lesson 08-Raw Butters for Skincare
Lesson 09-Mineral Clays for Skincare
Lesson 10-Botanical Extracts for Skincare
Lesson 11-Natural Waxes and Emulsifiers
Lesson 12- Natural Preservatives & Antioxidants in skincare
Lesson 13-Sourcing and Purchasing

MASTERCLASS 02: Launching into Retail
Lesson 14-Branding & Value Prop
Lesson 15-Retail Labels & Packaging
Lesson 16-Product Liability Insurance
Lesson 17- Distribution channel strategy
Lesson 18-Retail Pricing strategy
Lesson 19-Pitching to Retail Buyers

MASTERCLASS 03: Marketing Strategies
Lesson 20-Crafting a Mini-Marketing Plan
Lesson 21- Key Marketing Strategies